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His religion is a "LIE"

Dear All,

I am 32 & my story is just another broken heart story.
I work abroad and 3 years ago Ive met "divorced" 44 y.o. man who was also working here from a different country. 1st I wasn't attracted to him, but he was so amazing to win my heart. So we started to live together. But woman's heart always alerts. I found out he was still married. He admitted, was sorry, said he didnt plan anything serious with me at the beginning but in time he felt in love and was scared to loose me by telling the truth. BS! By the end of his contract he left the country and broke up with me, however he was still calling me every week to check on me. In 2 month he got another contract in the country which is 1 hour flight to me. He said he wants me back & that his wife and him did not decide to divorce or not, that things are not going well. It was very unclear. So I spoke to his wife, she said he confessed to her about me but he didnt want a divorce. Her and I went for hours for civil conversations, she said she loves him but so tired of his lies, she gave him last chance but now there is no room for trust anymore. She divorced him. But they r still good friends. He visited me on his birthday for 3 days. 2 weeks later he asked me to choose an engagement ring. He designated the date to come for engagement, but than he canceled it. He said he is not sure about his decision yet. Asked for a month to think. It got into 3 months. We were still talking everyday but i felt again something is wrong. He "books" the tickets to visit me, than again he cancel it in the last day. We were in touch, he would say he loves me, he wants me and all but would never visit me. So I asked to stop this all and to break up. Than he said that he was dating for 6 months 1 lady and now he broke up with her. That he still loves me, and that woman was just for sex and she seemed cared for him. I got hurt again, he said he will be with me in 2 weeks married if I give him a chance. But I couldnt trust anymore and asked him if he wants to marry than come and marry but dont promise and dont call me anymore. 2 days later (it was 2 weeks ago) we were on SKYPE and I got angry calling him a liar and that I hate him, that he was unfair towards me to put me on hold and have another woman. He said he cant deal with me and that I always ruin things. So now we dont talk. And Im hurt.
I got tired of being hurt waiting in a distance, so I decided to go into new relations and I was there for 9 months but I still kept talking to the one i love. My new boyfriend is the best person Ive ever met, and he loves me so much but because of the one I love I broke his heart.
All in all, I still love my man, I realize he is a liar and he lied so many time to me, to his X wife and bunch of other women i guess. But it has been 3 years I cant forget him, and I am willing to get back as I know if we are together I would make him happy. Sometimes I think i will move on, but I've tried twice and I cant. I love him, but I also hate him as because of him I block my chance to meet another man. I just dont understand him at all. WHY so many lies? He should of just let me go! But he always kept me by his side...I am 32, I want a family, I want kids, I want a complete life, I want to be happy.
Right now I feel like calling him. Please advice.
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replied March 4th, 2012
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Why make life so difficult. This guy is wrong on almost every level. If you marry him he will only bring heartache. Meeting and marrying someone should not be painful. Do you want to be 40 with 2 kids and he is running around with other women? Dump him and move on.
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