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High white blood cell count- bleeding ulcers

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My son has been hospitalised 5 times in the last 2 years with the same symptoms, uncontrollable vomiting, blood, high white blood cell count. He is a very health conscious 30 year old, very athletic but with some anxiety issues / occasional panic attacks and nervousness.
First they thought it was gall bladder so they removed it. Symptoms returned a year later so the scoped his stomach and discovered bleeding ulcers. They biopsied and results were negative for h pylori. My bigger concern is the high white blood cell count. Is this typical with bleeding ulcers? One er doc asked if he had ever been referred to a hemotologist for possible blood diseases. So should we pursue this?
I am very concerned that we keep going through this-
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First Helper Yogagirl13

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replied November 8th, 2011
I also suffered from bleeding ulcers and my Gallbladder was taken out to before I was scoped..Does your son suffer from any vomiting episodes or sever nausea?
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replied January 9th, 2012
My husband is in the same boat right now. He's been hospitalized at least 10 times since December of last year. He has no appendix, had his gall bladder removed, and a colonoscopy has shown nothing abonormal. He has had a strange white blood cell count for the past ten years but until recently, was able to function normally with only acid reflux. He is back in the hosptial now and cat scans will occasionally show that his illium is slightly enlarged, but they won't diagnose him with crohns. A course of steroids helped him earlier this year (was persribed for migraines and caused his pain and abdominal symptoms to improve for a while), but no one will perscribe them again. We're waiting on a capsule study. My husband has also been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and also espohageal ulcers, but nothing stomach related yet. He's back at the hospital as of this morning with severe nausea, vomiting, bloody stool and abdominal pain, so we're hoping to hear something soon.
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