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Heart palpitations on Lutera

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So recently over the past month and a week I have been having trouble with my body. I was on the Birth Control pill Lutera for 2 weeks until I started to have heart palpitations for 3 days and i stopped usage. They palpitations continued and then stopped. Afterward I had trouble staying awake and my energy was low. Trouble sitting up at work and was more comfortable lying down or asleep. I went into the ER when my breathing was really bad they gave me an inhaler i was winded, tired and out of breath walking a block or so. they did blood tests and chest xray and sent me home. The terrible breathing stopped but then heartburn began to takeover and there was constant pressure on my chest as if a weight was on it. That continues a bit now it is mainly on the right side. I also feel like currents running through the bottom of my leg to the groin. tight neck. This has impacted my life for a month and a half do you have any idea what this is. Should i be concerned. When would symptoms end?

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