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        scabies transmission
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        Life ruined by hospital
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        Freckles and moles fetish
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        pain in my chest when breathing
        sore burning breast
        bicornuate uterus and kidneys ?????
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        Addicted to depression ?
        sore spot in back of head
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        something left in mother's chest ?
        Severe chest pain
        Bleeding from rectum
        Carpal Tunnel after surgery ?
        Echocardiograph report result
        sensory disorders
        throbbing pain on side of body
        Testosterone replacement (TRT)
        Gardasil Side Effects Severe Muscle Spasms Involuntary
        Pregnant before starting pill
        Question abt delayed periods
        Severe Muscle Spasms looks like dystonia
        feeding baby
        Always in pain
        stomach pain
        Mirena use
        Severe headaches and sore teeth
        Lump under arm and on neck
        Sharp pain in right temple
        Pain in gums
        Osteo Bi-flex
        smoking and fake tooth
        Never had an orgasm
        Non-Smoker living with heavy smokers
        Healing Boxer's Fracture
        lump on crease of leg
        lump above collar bone
        lumbar spine
        bleeding during sex during pregnancy
        facial redness
        blood and puss in belly button
        How you get pregnant ?
        Ending pregnancy
        T3/ T4 cells
        Reflection in pupils
        Stomach pain when eating
        Pain in left lower quadrant
        Numbness in back of head
        brown vaginal discharge before menstruation
        Hymen breaking ?
        4yr old with rotten tooth
        Vomiting blood
        recent surgery and pleurisy
        stress or am i pregnant ?
        Side Effects after quitting alcohol
        Dizzy and feeling dead
        Mild strangulation and sore throat ?
        Swollen hands and feet
        Dizziness but healthy
        Head is turning bald
        twin babies
        painful lump, above right testical
        Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm
        what is wrong with me??????????????????
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