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        Missed period and pink discharge
        Lump in inner labia
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        Abnormal PAP & smoking
        bleeding after 2 weeks of periods
        Heavy Spotting and Milk Production
        bleeding while 5 weeks pregnant
        Bruise on Clitoris from popping cryst?
        Bleeding during first time sex
        Severe lack of sex drive
        Severe Headache
        pain still during intercourse
        Cervix infection ?
        Itching and Irritation around vaginal area
        Condom broke - low sperm count
        Sexual Health - Women Question
        Pelvic Inflammtory Disease.
        Having bacterial and fungal infections at the same time
        penis size and leukemia
        Chances of pregnancy - broken condom ?
        Blood from anus and dot on vagina
        Getting sick after sex
        Unable to get pregnant ?
        Sharp pain during intercourse
        Clear discharge and brown spotting
        Not feeling anything during sex
        short menstruation
        Early period after sex ?
        Water trapped in uterus ?
        Period two weeks early on pill
        brown discharge
        pain during intercourse
        Pain before and during sex.
        Pustules on inner thighs
        sex during penetration hurts
        Painful lump in groin
        Pain During Sex
        Irritation after Sex
        Spotting of blood after sex
        Pain with new sex position
        No feeling having sex
        Damage from cervical cysts ?
        Painful stinging after sex
        Unusual Bleeding
        Orgasm vs climaxing ?
        Orgasim Disfunction
        Bladder Prolapse Surgery & Vibrators
        Orgasm during oral sex
        Never orgasm
        Bumps on genital hair
        Itchy vagina during period
        Swimming while menstruating
        Bleeding 2 weelks after period
        giddiness during sex
        Air embolism from sex ?
        constant bleeding , bloating & cramps
        Sex drive loss.
        Pimples between legs
        Vagina too tight for fingering
        Can't orgasm any more
        Masturbation after sex ?
        Infection after condom stuck inside ?
        Masterbation and self love :)
        Unable to orgasm at times
        Water and heavy bleeding after miscarriage
        Pain while having sex
        Nausea after masturbation
        can you bleed ater implantation bleeding?
        Wavering Sex Drive
        irregular periods due to sex ?
        Bleeding day after first time ?
        No orgasms with sex or masturbation
        Early period after morning after pill
        period and lump
        HRT after removal of both ovaries
        pain in abodoman and left lower leg
        No orgasm after colposcopy
        Vagina fingering hurt
        Cramps in vagina during sex
        Pain during sex and no orgasm
        Bleeding and sore after sex
        Masturbate in sleep
        coital headache
        smear test
        No feeling or pleasure during sex
        Light brown discharge after HPV positive
        in need of some sex tips
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