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        What is the feeling when your partnes is Coming Inside ?
        very painful white lumps around my nippple and vagina area
        after we sex i have bleeding
        Abdominal pain when i have sex
        If I don't climax does Semen get in?
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        Is this still a "sex" fantasy?
         top of my clitorus became swollen!
        Clitorus swolling
        am I a nympho, or just a bad person
        Can rough masterbation cause problems with sex?
        I don't seem to be ever in the mood and I can't help it.
        Vaginal Tightness
        my sensitive clitoris
        rough sex two days ago, since then I've been bleeding.
        Did I have sex??
        discharge after having sex?
        Can masterbation cause a problem with orgasms?
        Super sex drive need advice
        vaginal discharge after having sex
        i have no feeling when i have sex.
        bleeding after a gap in sex
        Watching girls masterbate
        i'm scared about it bleeding,
        Burning And Pain During Sex
        third time it hurted, should this happen.?
        without doing anything how my vagina had became looser?
        Pap Smear Detect Stds?
        Virginity still haven't had sex, I am almost afraid....
        40 year old married woman who has no sex drive
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        Bleeding and soreness during sex
        pelvic floor exercisers
        pain due to circumsition during sex
        Did i "Pop" Myself Help me
        Gie me some tips, thanks
        i cant satisfy her or myself...
         how can i test a virgin girl's hymen?
        How to Start Having Annal Sex With You Husband
        How i can make tight again?
        Bleeding after intercouse with orgasm?
        Mirena and vagifem (estrogen) tablets effect sex drive?
        little white bumps on the inside of my vagina?
        solution to the bad smell during sex?
        why cant I orgasim?
        Nuvaring, Breakthrough!
        bump popped with white and clear puss ?
        never have orgasm or climax?
        pc muscles don't feel 'right'
        sex feels like it's in my stomach
        I still cannot reach a vaginal orgasm?
        Vaginal Odor when he actually cums inside?
        Cant vaginally orgasm
        I have feminine odor?
        feels like shards of glass are ripping at my rectum.
        drying completely out during sex?
        My boyfriend says I'm too tight...
        Almost, but not quite an orgasm.
        can anxiety, stress, or nerves cause my vagina to tighten up
        i always feel like im gonna have one but it never happens?
        burning sensation inside her when i ejaculate, two times
        hymen torn by only have plesure (Orgasm)?
        my larger out "lips" are gone completely?
        Where did my labia go?
        Am I still a virgin ?
        a small littlebump, had it before after sex...
        only have had one partner and vice versa....
        sex 7 days before but its bleeding till today?
        i dont hav a feeling during sex?
        Was i pure for my love?
        Pain in right ovary area during sex and in my period?
        i am unable to orgasm during inercourse
        i try to satisfy myself but nothing seems to work ...
        bleeding after sex the last few weeks?
        Anal Bleeding After Masturbation Please Help
        Abdominal pain and bleeding during sex
        soreness in my throat and a little pain
        I don't get any enjoyment from sex. Is this weird?
        Clitoral Orgasims Vs Vaginal Orgasims
        I'm scared of not being sexual
        is anal sex safe
        21 years old, completely lost libido!?
        My bf is obsessed with butt
        clitoris doesn't feel sensitive anymore after masturbating
        bleeding tho your hymen was ripped 6 months ago?
        while he touch my clitoris only i get feeling?
        Is Anal Sex Bad?!
        bump on side of clitoris