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        Over a Girl and friends
        I Think I Need Help
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         The lethargy is what bothers me most.
        Depression at 17 and I have a lot of problems.
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        Lonely, sad, life changing and scared of the unknown
        i feel really weird
        Stroke and bipolar
        Labneh (Middle Eastern Yogurt) For Fight Against Depression
        I keep crying and im constantly feeling depressed!!
         difficult in concentrating, can't sleep, feeling restless?
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        Depression for my mistakes
        I'm so depressed
        extra depression with cycle.
        I just never feel good..
        Lost all Motivation
        how to cope with depression
        Pristiq, wellbutrin and Adderall together ok?
        i need someone to talk to.
        I Need to Talk
        how to feel some type of emotions...
        Boyfriend is depressed... What should I do to be there for him?
        social anxiety & depression (Switching from Aropax to Cymba
        Whats the point?
        How can i tell if im depressed or just have mood swings?
        Depressed, so much going on, don't know what to do.
        cant take life anymore....x
        I'm 17, I always feel depressed, no friends, very shy...
        I can't get to school on time?
        completely alone with the whole gay thing.
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        social anxiety disorder and depression and can't eat
        16 Year old whos Lovesick and Depressed. Can anyone relate? :(
        anxiety, borderline personality disorder & depression
        Whats is wrong with me, do i have depression?
        fed up with my life
        Getting off of Zoloft
        Just need some advice or guidance.
        20 and depressed
        I just need someone to talk to so much.
        Ugly in a beautiful world
        I feel numb, tired, and very sad. How do I get my life back?
        Is it depression? Or something else
        from a small town of 8-9 thousand people, to a large city..
        Help with depression- waiting help for councelling.
        Feel so hideous, ugly, and unconfident
        Depression, Bipolar, Fear.
        Depression from contraceptive injection?
        Life seems like pointless blur
        Is This a Second Chance Or Hell????????????????????
        I cry!
        I want to die on a daily basis
        Advise and help?!
        Depression , lost mother , lost brother ,
        No one knows me.
        am i bipolar or do i have bdd? IM SO UGLY MY GOD
        Frustrated, Confused, need advice or something I don't know!
         what am I here for ?
        lived my life based on what people think of me?
        Trouble with parents
        Depressed and I don't like it.......
         feeling inside that i have done something?
        An empty feeling...
        I have a terrible attitude and I want to change it
        So Lost
        How to know if you are bipolar or have depression?
        I want out.
        rough time depression advice
        Need an outlet for myself
        So Alone...
        why we feel?
        My life is torn in front of eyes
        Why sould I suffer?
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        looking for advice
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        breaking down
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        I need someone]
        I used to be very outgoing and ...
        How do you know if you suffer from depression?
        severely depressed and confused
        Changes and Constants