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         tamiflu cancel out loestrin 24 fe?
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         normal for the plan b effects to be 5 days after?
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        can dayquil or nyquil lower the effectiveness?
         my moods have been everywhere!
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         because my body is adjusting to bc pill?
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        Birth control
        Birth Control Question
        having all pregnancy symptoms!.
        having all pregnancy symptoms!
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        got period on the 3 day of the 3rd week
        on my 10th day and my period has not ended.
        can use the pills while my IUD is present?
         post it with my next depo window was wrong!
         IUD :thighs and bottom sensitive to touch, itching?
         Loestrin 24 Fe, I started last saturday
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        flu like symptoms and some like GERD as well.
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        lo seasonique? regarding bleeding.
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         ius coil fitted again as i had it before but...
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         Pain when i got the paragaurd