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        Paragard IUD and period
        can u get prego with a copper iud if so what r the symptoms?
        Wait to start a new pack?
         ensure protection after flu?
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        social anxiety related to implanon?
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        out of whack after ending birth control?
         broken bone related to depo provera?
        microgynon 30d and im still spot bleeding
        Constant spotting on implanon - pregnant ?
        Missed pill, causes early breakthrough bleeding, is it normal?
        horrible bleeding and very painful cramping
        mood swings and bloating when will it end?
         loetrin24Fe My own doctor can't explain well.
        Breakthrough Bleeding stoped
        break through bleeding from taking the pill one day early?
        4 periods in a month and half off depo!
        havent bled since coil insertion?
        Help me choose a birth control method.
        Cesia and Long term use
        Switching from Yaz to Ortho Evra
        Yasmin Pill Worry
        2 weeks and still have this brown discharge!
        i-pill within one hour, pregnancy?
        Fluttering and nudging in my abdomen
        could i bring pregnant on the implanon?
        Second Month on Birth Control
         breast growth with this type of birth control ?
        if i had forgotten to take my placebo pill ?
        about the Tanner stages
        can you get a false positive if...
        lower back pain mostly in the middle?
         thinking of switching to the patch?
        still going to receive my period?
        Question about changing BCP Rx
        Missed 3 pills and took them when I realized they were missed...
        does implanon work as birth control?
        Does birth control stop all eggs?
         Nuvaring worsens my depression!
        messed my system up or will it stabilize ?
        Can pregnancy occur on implanon?
        Orthro Evra Patch Sticking Urgent Q
        the condom broke!
        into my second week of pills and ive started again!
        Patch and morning after pill
        i just started my birth control
        don't get my period so I can't notice I missed it!
        15 days taking the pill. am i safe?
        Scheduling my period on the pill?
        Normal to bleed a year from one shot!?
        not taking pill regularly...
        Microgynon -can it affect the baby?
        Is this my "ovulation"?
        Yasmin-weight gain?
        Missed 3 pills and started bleeding?
        confused about the last 7 pills, Kariva.
        Inflamed cervix/ Seasonale
        Emergency Contraceptive and pregnancy!
        put it in saturday night/sunday morning?
         i want to find one that will fit me and my body.
        birth control taking diane 35 ...
        Yasmin+spotting=confused :(
        How To Get Free Birth Control?
         its still here 12 days later?
        told me to check my thyroid and diabetics?
        it due to missing my period on purpose?
         the antibiotic Erythromycin and the pill?
        I am again bleeding. Is this normal?
         regular before trying to prevent my period?
        I Have Horrible Morning Sickness On the Pill.....
         no sign that i will have my menstration
        bad dreams are they contraceptive related?
        is there a serious danger if i use diane 35 as a birth control
        Conception while using birth control pills?
        brown almost black discharge- my period?
        Pull out effectiveness ?
        ejaculation while on the pills
        3 months of the pill. Am i safe?
         i forgot that i had to take two pills!
         taking the pills regularly am i safe?
         blood on the toilet paper from paraguard?.
        Frustrated over Birth control options!!
        Is it ok to fast track your pills?
        Loestrin 24 Fe