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        Youtube video of me singing.
        austin texas :) [pics.might take a while]
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        living situation...ughhhh.
        my butt hurts
        omfg. valentines and my dad.
        Things you should never say to a pregnant woman.
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        Valentine's Day (i'm stealing Loren's idea)
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        I'm really thinking
        in need of birthday cake recipe
        I made it!!
        Bad Pic.
        I feel so fat and ugly
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        Birthday Cake!!
        28 days
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        Tatoos....plz reply i need some answers
        Oh yeah, Stef! (monkeygirl22)
        I'm so...
        Good afternoon everyone!
        what do you think??
        help please
        Gabe :(
        Question about Time and Date
        crappity, crap, crap, crap!
        i'm off...
        Suzy- wish you were here - check out the dog
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        Home Alone.
        Is this lame or what?
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        my gift to shawn
        I have a new pet..lolololool
        i loved my soldier :(
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        Soulja Boy
        Tree Killers
        pic for the card
        ok this delay thing
        I was wrong.
        Luke update
        Happy Valentines Day Everyone
        Seasoning Ideas
        Brian left :(
        Let me clear things up!
        valentines cards i thought some of you would like
        Here We Go...Again.
        We are all the same