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         Stomach cramps . Missed Period . Can barely eat . ...
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        had too leave school for getting sick, , feel alittle dizzy.
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        i feel little kicking sensations.
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        parlodel being treated for tumor in pituitary
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        could I b pregnant?
         incredibly dizzy, having constant non stop headaches...
        light white watery discharge, now mild red streak
        pregnant and the test still came out negative?
        the doctor pee test was a negative, I am so worried
        i feel so sick im going to be sick , Am i pregnant ?
        November 23rd was the last time I had a period.
        on "MOODY" mood full force...
        sore boobs and blue vains on my boobs? Im still a virgn.
        funny taste in my mouth, feeling nausea
        Is this possible? I'm on the Depo shot.
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        i don't feel my period coming.
        Brown Discharge
        5 pounds heavier and still hungry. am i prego?
        2 months later I feel like I am pregnant again.
        Strange sypmtoms...Someone please help ?!
        i woke up and threw up the food from last night...
        tummy is hard on my left side at the bottom?
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        very drunk unprotected sex ...
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        backache, stomach cramps, spotting, headaches
        four days after I still feel like throwing up?
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         I have alot of symptoms... Alot!?
        getting acid reflux out of the blue? pregnant?
        duphaston for 3 months, now third i havent got my periods.
        consider taking a pregnancy test right?
        a pinky discharge that smells could i be pregnant?
        had sex yesterday. Now I am feeling lower stomach pains?