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        Pregnet or Not
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        Whats Going On With Me?!?!
        happened before using both protection...
        i havnt had any period at all am i pegnant?
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        test negative but im feeling slight flutters
        I'm 16, Could I be pregnant? Please reply.
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        period about maybe once every 3 or 4 months?
        following the pillow method and ovulation kits...
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        sickness can start just one week into your pregnancy?
        miss 2 period?
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        frequent bathroom trips, diarrhea, nausea, discomfort...
        10 days late and Yesterday i had sum spottings
        hecked my cervix it is high and soft, im always tired...
        took postinor2... I'm suppose to be on my period
         I can't tell you if my period is late...
        last period was in March 2011, getting nauseous everyday...
        last month and this month it's been late.
        i vomitted 4 times today and im still a virgin !
        2 periods lasted 2weeks Should I take another test?
        really light, then the second day it was brown...
        i feel like i have when i was pregnant with both my kids
        had mirena removed, had a period, today i started bleeding?
        i took the morning after pill within 24hours?
        Trying to figure out if I'm pregnant...
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        TTC backaches, headaches, and the chills?
        pregnant? it happened on the 7th day of my period
        my lower stomach looks like im pragnant?
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        urinated on wheat and wheat seed grow fast
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        brown discharge only noticeable when i check my cervix
        intercourse, started spottingand still spotting, tubes tied?
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        I cant sleep I only sleep in the day tyme as all day
        Light pink and white discharge
        i hd protected sex wid my bf on 27 dec and i am 10 saya late for
        it really hurts it's like its the 1st time am i pregnant?
        Could i be pregnant ?
        one week late, breasts are unusually tender and heavier?
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        Late period, Cramping and Increased vagina discharge
        a light brown discharge with white discharge?
        my stomatch feels if i had air in it
        under my belly button, if I push down, it's hard...
        could the vaginal ultrasoung be wrong?