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        feel sick all the time and I urinate more often?
        I have never felt this sick continuously, Am I pregnant?
        on and off pain in the bottom of stomach?
        extremely nauseous and have been all day...
        cramping, dizzy sometimes, bloated, and just very blah...
        sticky discharge on the day of my expected period.
        i have really sore brasts and spotting
        Missed Period - but negative tests?
        most symptoms could be a sign of early period, but....
        pregnant even after getting her periods twice?
        Am I Pregnant Question
        headaches dizzyness and having to go to the bathroom?
        5 days delay but bleed on the 6 day.
        I'm 7 days late, Am i pregnant?
        no cycle in September having headaches, mood swings...
        4 days late, feeling sick, pain in my lower back
        cycle went off 2-3 days later,now white clearish discharge?
        No period for almost two months?
        15 going to be 16, throwing up and have small cramps?
         menstruation cramps but no periods, Am i pregnate?
        am i delayed?
        been feeling weird and naseous and bloated.
        Confused and Concerned.. am i pregnant or not?
        does it sound like she could be pregnant?
        felt something in my lower abdominal?
        discharge, severe back pain, and my tummy is bloated
        other than a late period I have all the signs!
        5 days late and my clothes dont fit?
        am irealy pregnant, correct time to get a test?
        skiiped my period and red meat smells bad?
        Am I pregnant - is it too early to be tested?
        not enough HCG to fully confirm a pregnancy?
        took a few tests and all r neg....?
        Period last only two days?
        Missed one period odd second?
        Headaches fluttering in stomach and thirst
        Pregnancy after 10 year old Vasectomy??
        Had my period 2 weeks ago...could i be pregnant?
        I am now 8 days late, what do i do now?
        Late period, a lot of watery and white milky discharge!
        a week late and getting discharge from both my breasts.
        being paranoid or should I go get a hpt?
        felt "car-sick" even while i was driving?
        i know most symptoms could be a sign of early period, but
        back pain sore nipples and nausea could I be?
        49 years old and my period is 8 days late
        pain in right leg and foot , like before getting periods?
        Period or withdrawal bleed? Am I pregnant?
        Period 3 months late, yeast like symptoms and weight gain
        Late period, a lot of watery and white milky discharge!?
        am i pregnant or not im going insane not knowing !!
        food i used to love makes me nauseous?
        on the implanon & am worried i may be pregnant.
        took ipill on the same day and had bleeding
        no cramps & it was early?
        Unsure. It's the not knowing....
        2 weird periods and have to wear a size bigger in clothes
        I "feel" pregnant, but...
        still having nausea and fatigue and headaches
        Could I be pregnant after surgery
        Faint Positive Hpt, Am I Pregnant Or What!?!? Confused!!!!!
        tested this morning and got a negative
         Spotting, brown mucus!
        menstruation pain and blood sports, can i be pregnate?
        Five days ago I started to spot lightly
        I had a pregnancy test done, still no period.
        no period negative pregnancy test help!
        tender boobs, weeing loads, cravings, belly getting bigger..
        bloating, a few inconsistant spots, milky discharege?
         Is this pregnancy, a cyst, or something else?
        my actual period is 21days late?
        2 periods 14 days apart
        tubes tied for 4 years now and missed my period?
        Am I Pregnant Question
        confused if i am pregnant or not.
        Cramps, headaches, fatigue, nausea is it pregnancy?
        should i be worried or am i pregnant?
        very bad cramps in my lower back/abdominal area?
        TTC feeling bloated and a little bit of nausea...
        Dry Humping
        on quinoglide everyday, my abdomen is swollen
        My girlfriend might be pregnant?
        Bloated, late period, sore breasts
        i feel fullness on my uterine area
        Help! I'm six days late!
        no period 6 days..neausea after eating...
        please help, so confused/: ovulation or pregnancy?
        Possible Pregnancy spotting last night and the other night.
        Confused pregnancy test results
        Am I pregnant? Im confused