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        Am I pregnant? Im confused
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        Is this pregnancy or another condition?
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        spotting, bloating, fatigue.. am I pregnant?
        feeling weak and tired and as if i am going to throw up?
        should i wait a few more days..i dont know what to do
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        having period type cramps for 2 weeks?
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        strip test in home was positive, but then...
        Someone said it could just be infection. Could it?
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        first time on depo i had unprotected sex
        instead of period i got thrush?
        pain, gas and frequent urination, i also have IBS.
        Had my period but it was light and not really constant.
        sick just looking at foods I use to love.
        no contraception and 3 other children...
        Why am I cramping? Could I get pregnant?
        period has been late for almost 2 to 3 weeks
        Im having no sighns of my pierod coming
        could i be prego if he fingered me afterwards?
        feeling sick and Montgomery tubcules...
        a month late then i finaly got the light bleeding?
        missed period for two months but had light brown discharge?
        tubes are clamped but period was irregular?
        haven't missed period yet but many symptoms
        Tests negative but symptoms
        What is the reason for the pain and tiredness?
        is there any other condition that could cause this?
        6 days late & the stretching feeling, bloating has stayed?
        giddy,eating a lot, stomach look bigger...
        Help!! Missed period but negative pregnancy tests
        sore nipples , moodiness, extreeme fatigue , lower back pain
        9 days and im still bleeding
        my periods are delayed by 10 days now
        periods has not yet started and i did sex?
        Pregnancy Scare 001
        they thought it might be amenorrhea am i pregnant?
        having a ton of pressure, bloating, fullness.
        pregnant from a couple months ago or recently?
        on bc that is for women who are breastfeeding, but...
        Could I be pregnant with all those negatives?
        Should i be worried the pill wasnt effective?
        5 days late,creamy white thick discharge
        she thinks she might be pregnant. can it be true?
        could i be pregnant even if im spotting?
        i think im prego at 15.
        could i be prego's
        AM I PREGO?.
        i took pills to delay my periods, this month hasn't started
        signs of being pregnant but not 100% sure
        didn't take one of my pills as scheduled ?
        period usually lasts 6 days and this lasted 2 days long?
        sick and my nipples have gotten bigger?
        still no period an still no positive test?
        pregnant and have the implanton in !!!!!
        headaches, tingling breast, cramps, sleepiness, nausea?
        Does this sound like pregnancy
        light pink when i wipe?
        unprotected sex a week ago, havent been taking pills
        i have been sick in the mornings but started to bleed
        45 days since my last period
        experiencing temporary back pains, headaches and nausea?
        45 days since my last period could I be pregnant?
        condom was used, but nothing else Is she pregnant?
        had sex the first day after my period?
        bad headaches and my nipples are huge
        spotting lasted for 2 days now this milky discharge?
        sick in the mornings but started to bleed
        sick in the mornings but started to bleed
        period symptoms,bachache,stomach ache,but no bleeding?
        extremely light 2 days which is very short and not normal?
        pregnant or having withdrawl symptoms from zoloft?
        I'm a police officer and would hate be pregnant and not know
        feel a little nausia and awful headaches...
        light cramping in my lower abdomen and I've been emotional.