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        cramps and back ache as if i'm due...
        due to having a urine infection ?
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        experienced really light bleeding, like before.
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        pregnant from sex week before period
        spotting with numb arm?
         implantation bleeding or my period.?
        is it stress,exercise,change of eating habits,etc.?
        still nervous that I may be pregnant?
        Insight needed!
        Am I Pregnant Question
        5 days late, feeling nauseous...
         tender and sore nipples
        gettin really dizzy and have had bad migranes!
        Sore nipples are not normal for me!
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        didn't get my depo...!
        spotting instead of my period?
        It looked like a period but...?
        heaviness in my abdomen is there continuously
        cramps and pain but still no sign of it!
        i had light brownish bleeding ...
        this time my periods is late by a week.?
        a series of new bright red stretch marks?
         When can i take a blood test to confirm?
        stress or is there a possibilty?
        could i be experiencing early pregnancy signs?? please help!!!
        go for a pregnancy test?
        tests negative but still feel pregnant!
         i had cramps and felt a little moody as if i was
        i cant tell
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        Could I B Pregnant
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        fooling around and I ejaculated!
        pregnant after going back on pill three weeks ?
        when should my period come if not pregnant?
        implanon in and ive had intercourse, am i?
        Pregnancy, please help me asap,thank you if you do:).
        period was a later by about 9 days!
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        nauseous and my breasts hurt!
        sex during ovulation using a period tracker!
        I'm on loestrin 24 and missed pill had sex same day now spotting
        a little red in my discharge?
        EPT how long do iwe wait?
        reddish brownish discharge hours later?
        I still have the same symptoms?
         slight chance pregnancy tests might be false?
        nuvaring with bad cramps and old blood?
        unportected sex the day my period ended?
        could it seep through my clothes ?
        can i be pregnant if we didn't do it?
        thought we could be safe with the coil.
        couldnt really see the answer!
         i dont know if i should take another test!
         do dollar pregnancy tests work?
        am i pregnant?
        Freaking out slightly..
        PLEASE HELP!!!!!! somebody please reply...
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        it came in contact with my...
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        girlfriend is stressing out...
        OPK or HPT?
         progestrone and prolactin tests?