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         been ttc for a cuple of months
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         this short period is worrying me
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         i am 16 years old cramps, mood swings, slight headaches
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        dont have morning sick, eating wired stuff, sleepy
        im bleeding a very light pink
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        Pre - Come
         is it possible that he spread the sperm ?
        pregnancy i had a light bleed but?
        said there was absolutely nonthing there. but i think ...
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        were not using any contraception. now?
         head ache and my upper stomach hurt
        oral sex as an alternative to not get pregnant?
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        33 days since my last cylce!
        began ovulating around Feb 3rd,
        got the sore breasts, cramping, and nausea!.
        wondering am i prgnant?
        breasts continue to be very sore and...
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         tubes clipped 12 years ago, can i be?.
        Please help - am i pregnant?
        could i be pregnant???.
        prior to this was regular each month !
        after HCG strips have shown negative results?
        worried needing advice
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        not too sure if i am pregnant.
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         monday i started to bleed?
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        extreme thirstiness like I can't get enough water.
        why am i having night time sickness?
         Last period was 43 days ago. Could I be?
        3 tests ame out very light or faint.
        took patch off and had sex, could i be?