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        a different smell and the opening hurts
        Vaginal odor and white discharge
        more than my usual pms
        On my nipples...
        menopause or ectopic ?
        a thyroid cyst around 1.5 cm
         i scratch, it gets red swollen and sore
        primary amenorrhea
        pian, gas, constipation,clots,headaches....
        water retension in diabetes people
        complication after bartholin cyst rupture
        severe pain right across my abdomen
        pallor, fatigue, enlarged liver and spleen, my hair...
        very deep cut inside my vagina ...
        on my period but its not the usual
        Fishy smell?
        Bicornuate womb
        sterilization reversal
         discharge itchy, is it normal?
        white spots around my anus and...
        diagnosed with Asherman Syndrome
        a small cut on my vagina is there something...
         help tell me what all my symptoms might be
        Large lump under armpit
        tired out all the time no energy feels like sleeping in the day
        16 and it feels ike it should be there but?
        26 feeling like 56 HELP!
         my urinary tract infections and unusual menstrual
        Breast and groin lumps
         very painful and cramping at lower belly
        Conceiving With Pcos
         boil has grown in size over the last two days.
        I put on an unexplained 10kg's in 4 weeks
        Pelvic Pain with gas, bowel movement, intercourse...
        few days sore throat, coughing, hot then cold ?
        What could this pelvic fluid mean/ indicate?
        pain inside started 3 days after a PAP smear.
        What might be wrong with me? Possible bladder infection?
        Bleeding after duplicate
        sudden sharp pain leg, head, chest?
        labia minora reduction 19 days ago.
        dont know if it could have been a miscarriage.
        mucus in my stool and lost 20 lbs
        Cramping after an orgasm
        Treating a pilonidal cyst
         twice this month, and it was only two days apart.
         fluid detected in Pouch of Douglas?
         pain after an orgasm
        Cervix Short-Miscarriage
        can women get pregnant after bartholin glands are removed
        vaginal bleeding for the past 3 weeks
        Pressure in Pelvic Region/ Lower Back/ Gas/ Irritability
        I was told I had colitis...
        Bumps on vagina.
         bad cramping pains in my uterus/cervix, i'm 15
        pregnant and terrified
        do you have to take a hormorn replace?
        lazer treatment ok when pregnant?
        armpit has felt tender to touch for several months...
        Orange discharge ?
        Mother refuses to go to Dr. has large tumor
        Low Back Pain Constant And Bleeding For Past 6 Mos
        diarrhea during sex
        Period Problems?
        hair overtaking mybody
        bulge is a little smaller than a golf ball!
         breast are leaking clear liquid ?
        lump on the left of the vaginal opening!
        Itchy Painful Vagina
        Puss in vagina
        vaginal discharge
        When you have your period does that mean you're not pregnant?
        Can't Get My Period
        period 2 or 3 times a year.?
        Endometriosis with other medical problems
        If Not a Yeast Infection, Then What?
        Pms With Yeast Infection Or Something Else?
        tailbone lump
         progrestron/estrone allergy?
         these signs hormonal or prolactin related?
        Rectocele recovery
         premenstrual tension, hypothyroidism or polycystic ovary.
        Lower abdominal pain, please read.
        Yeast infectionscome back during periods?
        brown discharge from vagina ?