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        Attention please working cancer treatment protocol
         Should I get another biopsy?
        the term "bone lesion" was used to describe one?
        thyroid flactuating
        Hypothyroidism/Hashimotos disease?
        Thyroid; hypo?
        Rash started right after my thyrogen shots?
        cure my hyperthyroidism
        Body Weakness and little dizziness everyday
        swelling near thyroid and trouble swallowing some food.
        A year after full thyroidectomy because of Cancer - new symptoms
        Is this inherited?
        What could be causing my chest pain and swelling of the thyroid?
        Should I be checked for Hasimotos Disease?
        Should I be checked for Hasimotos ?
        Worried I might have thyroid cancer
        should my mother have her thyroid removed?
        i may have thyroid cancer
        swollen limph nodes and thyroid goieter.
        decreasing thyroid meds to 3 days a week for body scan
        Thyroid, underweight
        I got my results back
        Follicular Clusters related to Papillary Cancer Recurrence?
        does Calcification increase the chance of Thyroid cancer?
        Uncertain about thyroid disorder diagnosis
        Thyroid cancer uncertainty about my weak mother.
        Why wait so long? (Thyroid nodule)
        follicular adenomia
        lump near adams apple
        Has anybody had red, watery eyes?
        Tired and sick- had radio iodine treatment in April
        Thyroid Nodule- Got my results today:
        symptoms are a little worse, tests are very inconclusive!
        the difference between papilary carcinmona and tall cell?
        Thyroid FNA results
        Thyroid nodule biopsy
        Sudden dent/ridge in female throat where thyroid is.
        what are the benign possibilites?
        why is Thyroid puffy and how long would it last?
        please sign petition to help those with thyroid cancer
        High Cholesterol post Total Thyroidectomy also much joint pain
        overactive thyroidblood test comes back normal
        stingy throat and going hoarse
        Thyroid Nodule Not necessarily cancer?
        did RAI 5 months ago. is it safe to dye hair?
        More likely to be cancer if....
        More likely to be cancer if...
        What does an enlarged thyroid mean?
        Severly tired during menstral cycle after thyroidectomy
        Radiation Therapy for Near Total Thyroidectomy?
         radioactive iodine treatment or not.
        side of my neck is prominently more swollen....
        Swollen Thyroid on one side
        Just diagnosed with thyroid cancer
        newly diagnosed surgery is not scheduled until feb
        Thyroid Hormone Medication and Cholesterol
        ovoid hypodense nodule on the isthmus and...
        stopped taking all medications and my chest feels congested?
        Heterogeneous, solid, highly vascular nodule
        papillary thyroid carcinoma Is it unusually large?
        Lymph nodes removed due to thyroid cancer. What to expect?
        waiting to find out if its cancer
        did a biopsy he said its calcification?
        There is life after papillary thyroid cancer!!!!
        Radioactive Iodine treatment timescale
        4 biopsy's - wouldn't my dr know if i have cancer?
        Minimally Invasive Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma
        chance of thyroid cancer?
        side effects of too much Levothyroxine, and of too little?
        will I need my thyroid removed or...
        Males Born without a thyroid gland?
        Ultrasound Thyroid - Family history of Papillary Thyroid Cancer
        i sound hoarse again, a symptom of a recurrence?
        should the whole thyroid be cut out for hurtle cell neoplam?
        only half the thyroid will be taken out? I want it all out!
        Questions regarding papillary thyroid cancer
        Advice, help, and a distraction
        Thyroid Cancer and Raspberry Ketone
        hurthle cell neoplasm should i be corcern
        does rising TgAb and sreum ferritin indicate recurrence?
        Medullary cancer/ Thyroidectomy
        they found a large mass on my thyroid in my throat.
        5.5mm nodule on thyroid
        Hypothyroidism- Why won't they send me a copy of my biopsy?
        what is the symptoms o thyroid cancer?
        3 sugery still have nodes with cancer what can i do next?