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Headache/Head Pains, Dizziness, Chest Pain and Muscle Pain

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I am 16 years old, I am in school doing my A-Levels and back in september I woke up one day and I did not know what was wrong with me.. I felt absolutely destroyed. I was constipated and I was getting really bad muscle pains, chest pains and pains in the glands (mainly in neck and under the arms), I also had really bad fatigue and was having to sleep twice a day in order to live my everyday life with school and exams. I went to the doctors and they checked my thyroid and that was fine, then they said that I had glandular fever. Now after 3-4 weeks the worst of the symtoms had gone but up until this very day I still get the chest pain and some muscle pain. When I had this it got me very very worried because up to this point I had sailed through life health wise and I had never experienced something like this before. In other words (It scared the crap out of me).

I have recently been getting headaches and pains on the top and back of my head, it started with like a heartbeat sound mainly in my left ear and sometimes the right ear, then I got the heartbeat pounding sound in my head, I get it even if I walk up the stairs. Also I am still getting chest pain mainly to the left of my chest but sometimes I get it in the right of my chest, this sometimes comes with shorness of breath and when I get up from sitting/lying down my chest feels tight but then it goes away. I have also noticed that I have a very strong heartbeat and I can acually see my pulse because my stomach shakes and I can also see it in my neck if I look in the mirror. Along with these head pains I sometimes get dizziness, I feel off balance and that I could fall over any second. My eyes have also been playing up and I feel like I have eye strain. Now I get all the symtoms above through the day and I am very worried about it, with school and exams aswell it's quite a lot to deal with and I get quite stressed.

I am worried that this could be something serious and it goes through my mind all day. My Mum and Dad think it could be down to stress, that I still have glandular fever or that I could possibly need glasses. I don't think I need glasses because that wouldn't explain the chest or muscle pain. I am beginning to wonder whether It might have something to do with Anxiety/Depression because I have been worried about it for so long, or it may even be a sinus infection...

If anyone can relate to this or give me advice I would really appreciate it.. I plan on going to the doctor but they are usually a waste of time.. and there is nothing they can really do...

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replied January 21st, 2012
hi - welcome to the board.

first off, i'm glad you're planning to go see your doc. always a good idea. they are good at ruling out the really dreadful worries.

interesting that you experienced the gland issues. about the time my depression morphed into anxiety, i too experienced the same thing. soreness in the glands under the arm and in the neck as well as in the groin area. it eventually subsided, but hung around for months before it did. long enough to totally freak me out. be careful about checking them. they are very sensitive areas, so probing the glands to check them can cause them to become more tender. best to acknowledge that they are sore w/out actually touching the areas.

nothing you described in your post above falls outside what can be experienced w/ anxiety. and it sounds like you are pushing your academics quite hard, so it is likely that you are under a good deal of stress in that arena. you'll need to do your best to balance the stress. i can tell you w/ complete honesty that i am a physically healthy individual and have experienced every single symptom you described. every single one. the chest pains, the dizziness, the whole package. and it always flares up for me worse when i am under stress; be it work, family obligations, etc.

so do go to the doctor, my friend - rule out a physical problem. but in the meantime, try to counter your "what if" thinking. because it is very plausible that it is simply your mind generating the symptoms. the mind is so powerful. it can totally play games w/ you physically. i've dealt w/ anxiety for the better part of my 36 years on this planet and i've always been healthy as can be physically. but have often felt as though i must have tumors, cancer, and every other malady known to man. never pans out. i always check out physically well. the mind is INTENSE.

become an investigator of your symptoms, not a worrier over them. go get check out by the doc and if all is well, then you'll need to do your best to relax and put your mind on other thoughts.

i hope this helps even a bit and i hope that both your stress, and the symptoms you are feeling, are quickly alleviated.
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replied January 21st, 2012
Thanks man, it's good to hear from someone who can relate to the things I have talked about Smile
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