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Genital warts keeps coming back :(

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hi to all!
i have genital warts. i first found out on nov.2,2011 so i had it removed by electrocautery on nov. 8.and the wounds heals completely. then only 2weeks after i have genital warts again growing!!!! but not on the site where i had it removed. i was so sad. i really regret the things that i did before this.. if only i am more careful my partners. i thought after having it removed surgically will solve my GW problem.

So my doctor advise me to undergo electrocautery again. i am having doubts on whether to do it again because i am afraid my warts will just grows back again and also it is a very expensive surgery for me (its about 10,000 Philippine money). Tomorrow i will consult my doctor to ask if there's any other way to help remove this warts. i have research on the internet about Aldara. Has anyone tried it? is it effective? what are other options i can use? Also i tried to take multi vitamins (CENTRUM A to Zinc) since as what i have research in the internet boosting the immune system helps. has anyone tried it also?

i really hope someone will reply to my post.. i am so sad, i don't feel like a normal person again.
thank you

-Nadine xx
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replied November 29th, 2011
okay i just arrive from my doctor's clinic and i will have electrocautery again today to remove my genital warts since i have it not only in the skin area but also in mucousal area. i really hope it wont come back again. My doctor advice me to boost my immune system by taking vitamins daily.
so now i will prepare myself to have this procedure done later.

God bless to all.!
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replied November 30th, 2011
hi.. just got home from the hospital and thank god the surgery was a success..

i really hope i am done with this genital warts problem.
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