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I recently had a TV, TU ultrasound done. I have been having severe heavy periods and my entire body is in severe pain 2weeks out of the month when I PMS. This all began after i had my son 5 yrs ago via ER c-section. I am always bloated and have had the pain on my left side of my uterus for at least a year now. This is the results of my ultrasound what does it mean:

The uterus is enlarged measuring 13 x 7 x 5 cm. Myometrial echogenicity is mildly heterogeneous without focal masses. The endometrial echo complex measures 6 mm. There are tiny nabothian cysts.

There is trace fluid in the endometrial canal of the lower uterine segment.

Neither ovary is significantly enlarged. Right ovarian volume is 9.5 cc. Left ovarian volume is 8.8 cc. Follicles are noted bilaterally, the largest on the right measuring 2.2 cm.

There is no significant free fluid.

IMPRESSION: Enlargement of the uterus with myometrial heterogeneous echogenicity. No focal myometrial mass. Trace fluid in the endometrial c

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