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Hello, For a week now, I have had this problem on my face. I am 26 years old. One day, I woke up and my skin was very tight, thick and dry, which made it look wrinkled as well. I tried using various oils and creams and it hurt a lot whenever I applied them. It became chaffed too and the skin peeled. After a few days, my skin became normal again as in smooth and soft, but it was still warm, it burned and it was very much red. At first I though it was my eczema, but I'm beginning to fear that it is rosacea... My eczema is usually little spots (like pimples) that form whenever there is friction, sweat, etc. That's usually on my legs but also torso, neck, etc. I have never had anything on my face, and while I have a history of black heads and the occasional pimple, I have never had acnea. I'm not sure what caused this. I did use a sugar scrub that I almost never used before that could be the cause. I'm a vegan on a gluten-free diet and I recently ate a bit of junk but not much.

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