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Gallium scan show abnormal activity in bone marrow distribution

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I am a 40 yr old female with a year long history of unexplained fevers, night sweats, extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes (biopsy done Oct/11 benign but reactive) all tests for TB, HIV etc negative. Long history of anemia (blamed on heavy periods) but have been put back on the pill for 2 years and no periods. Along with my low iron, my B12 is low, my hematcrit is low, my RDW is highboth alpha globulin is high, ferritin is very low, TIBC is high, saturation is very low and my platelest are on the cusp of being low - at the lowest end of the scale. there is slight anisocytosis. I had a gallium scan done recently and the test said there was abnormal activity in the spine, legs, knee's, pelvis and long bones. The summary said that this is in line with bone marrow infiltration or seen in leukemia. i also had a slightly enlarged liver. my Dr is recommending I see a hematologist and get a bone marrow biopsy. My question is - can this be something other than leukemia that is affecting these results? Would the anemia show on the gallium like that? I am not even sure what would cause the bone marrow infiltration - I have not broken anything recently (25 years ago broken sternum)
Appreciate any feedback!
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