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I saw a video today, it's rather funny actually. It was about a coyote attacking a hunter. No thats not the funny part to me. The funny part was that the description of the video said this: "A coyote mistakes a hunter for food".

Hmmmmmmmm. Whoever wrote that doesn't seem to understand what "food" is.

It's a simple, although hideous principle, when you are alive on this earth you are "food". If you can be eaten and keep something else alive down here you will be, it's inevitable.

For us, it was always the cannibalistic sort and the worms mostly, although some animals are hungry enough to go there sometimes. Not to mention so paranoid from living in the wilderness the way that they do so they attack us, I would guess some say to themselves "hey, might as well eat him now that I've saved my family from him."

And funny how we call it "food" these days, I call it "life", we are eating the "life" that is all around us and we are absorbiing it, it's quite awful really.

But this guy didn't seem to know that he was "food" for some things, he is obviously one of those guys wondering around with a blindfold on and asking no questions thinking that there is such a thing as "food". As if "food" was even put here for us. Although it may begin to appear that way in a young person's mind if it is coming in packages and the other ways it is presented. Not to mention again all of the misleading names we call our "food".

I can imagine him telling a coyote to go eat "food" and not to eat him, "there is all sorts of "food" out there in other places", that is what he would say.

What does a coyote eat do you think? "Food"?! Ha!

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replied December 31st, 2011
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I read this last week and then during the week I was peeling alot of pomegranites - it's the end of pomegranite season and I've been eating one a day and getting addicted, so this year every time I hoard them and peel them, alot of work, and freeze the arils. Anyway, I was thinking of the word "food" and the various understandings, and then a little part of the pomegranite was rotten - they only last a week and a half or so - and I was thinking about the word "rotten" and the understandings of that. Because at first glance I called the brown little arrils "diseased", but I thought, no, it's down off the vine, this is what happens naturally, if I don't eat it the microscopic bug world will. But it sure can be said to be "rotten", when those bright little red arrils with all that perkiness get eaten by the bacteria and start to turn soft instead of perky, then brown and finally just turn to mush, that's "rotten". And we say people are "rotten" too, at times, and so I guess we are saying the same thing, nice person but the microscopic bugs ate his brain, now this object is a problem in my environment, it's "rotten", demonized, no longer human, just like that rotten pomegranite is no longer pomegranite.
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