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flesh coming out of vagina

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My vagina has always been quite normal and i only ever kinda had sex once with a condom. It hurt way too much. That was 3 months ago and up until about a month ago i could fit my finger in my vagina and it was just normal (nice and smooth)
Lately i have been trying to see if i can still fit my finger in and have been having difficulty doing so. Its like there is something slimy stopping me from entering and it hurts. I finally had a look with the mirror just now and it looks like something fleshy inside my vagina is kinda poking out a little. Its a lighter colour and i have no idea what it is. Im really freaking out. Beside when i try put my finger in it hasnt caused me any pain and i doubt i would have even noticed it if i did have a feel myself. I stopped taking the pill about 2 weeks ago because i didnt need it anymore if that may be the problem?
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replied November 11th, 2010
Im not sure if this means anything to you... but when i was younger in my first relationship and i was just new to sex, my bf at the time...wasnt the most caring one. He was rough with me (And yes i wore protection) But i noticed something really odd on the side of my vagina lips (sorry forgot the specific name) its so hard to describe but think of the opening of a vagina...only there is like a small rope of skin across it.

There were times my bf would have sex with me and it would be the wrong way would be so incredibly painful, till one day i felt this sudden sharp pain and shockingly, he broke the skin. I was bleeding quite a bit and he figured i was on my period but as i checked it in the bathroom I noticed the little skin rope was torn in two.

Since then however its healed and i got this disgusting little rope hanging from my vagina lips but thankfully its not that noticeable. I hope this information in some way not entirely sure if im the only one out there with that freakyness haha
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replied January 5th, 2012
Cloth of flesh from vagina?
i'm on my period but it's been more painful because i've just recently started taking the pill, and just there, i took out the tampon and after it came out there was a like cloth of flesh. it's never happened to me before and i'm really scared it's something important Sad a few weeks ago a guy was a bit rough and i bled a lot after sex, could it be the skin he broke? does anyone know if it will come back?
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replied January 7th, 2012
Firstly, I am not an expert, this is just general knowledge, and you all need to see your GP's!

Ashlee - if you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, can you move the light pink bit? If so, it's the inside of your vagina poking out, and it needs toning up. Mine pokes out and hurts when things are inserted, because I have a retroverted uterus. My tampons now come out banana shaped, because the uterus pulls back the vagina. Does that sound like you?

Alesija - that was your hymen. Some girls hymen has a "septum" which is what you described. Look it up! The remainder of you hymen can be removed if you want to.

bodyhelp - it's normal for lumps to be passed during your period, and the heaviness might have changed due to being on the pill.

Its really disturbing that you have both experienced men treating you like that, and injuring you most delicate, private parts. It almost sounds like rape. You're supposed to enjoy it too, otherwise that man is just using your body like an object for his own pleasure. If you don't enjoy it, don't let him to it to you.
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replied January 11th, 2012
it wasnt lumps thought, it came out as a hole cloth :/ and it wasnt rape, he's just big, he wasn't treating me wrong at all
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