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Fleas , mites , scabies or other ?

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We moved into a clean new apt 6 weeks ago. This is a hot weather climate we are not used to. We also have an indoor cat. For the past week wife and I have bites on ankles, arms, legs. My first thought was mosquitos but buttocks area? Second thought was bed bugs because in NY it's all the talk. But I worked in hotels and know where to look and know the other sgns of them (blood on sheets/pillow case) and haven't seen anything like that. Also no bites near head.

The cat...of course it's fleas. I was sure of it. He's scratching a bit also. He doesn't go outside though. Can fleas find him on a 2nd floor house apt? I get bits on the ankles and it feels like flea bites...but...

scabies? I had barely heard of them till I just wiki'd it. The reason I say this is because 2 issues stick with me:
1) I constantly feel like there is a insect on me. I keep checking for a flea, but have yet to see one. I know growing up with cats you eventually can find/kill a flea on you. Not too hard. But I never see any bugs, and I constantly i get these sensations like one is on me.

2)As I said above, we have not found any actual fleas or other insects.

I still assume fleas and am buying a good vacuum tomorrow. Does the salt ont he carpet really work to kill them?
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