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Fever caused by HIV ?

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I am 23 yr guy and one year ago i had sex with women with unknown status.During intercourse condom got ruptured and after realising 2-3 minut later i pulled it of now an year later i am having low grade fever which is b/f 99 F-100F and it is still from 3 weeks.Can someone tell me is this fever is because of HIV.Can any one tell me about fever in HIV +ve status.Note that from one year i never had any fever at all.Thanks
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replied September 10th, 2008
You should see your doctor as soon as possible to determine what is causing the fever.

Second, you should take a HIV test because look, it has been a year and you are still bothered. A year from when you might have been infected and it still bothers you. Go for a test for your own peace of mind.

Muthoni (Mson)
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