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Feel like I'm talking through a tunnel

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I'm 21, and have had a lot of experience with loud music in the past, so I'm not doubting that I have minor/mild hearing loss. As stated, I feel like I'm talking through a tunnel due to my right ear. When I place a finger in my left, I literally feel like I'm under water. It makes me a little slower then average, like everything is delayed.

When I talk, It sounds to me like I'm talking extremely deep with almost a echo (like a tunnel). I've recorded my voice, and in reality I have a normal/little high voice for a guy. It's hard for me to judge how loud I'm talking, and I usually talk way to low. I also quickly become short of breathe when I talk.

Other symptoms: Nasal congestion, deviated symptom. Just adds to my loss sense of reality. I also have ADD-I (inattentive), so all of this is adding up to a extreme loss of awareness that is effecting all aspects of my life. On a side note, I think my heart rate is higher then average; when I sit in a chair with a full back or lie down sometimes I can feel my pulse pounding out of my back (around the shoulder blades, like a constant twitch). Lack of oxygen? Also like to add on that I have a moderate loss of smell/taste.

I went to a ENT on Monday, I told him my symptoms and he had me "diagnosed" and out the door in less then FIVE MINUTES (even though I waited a hour for the person in front of me). He did a fluid test, not to sure what it was. Placed a electronic device in my left ear and the machine beeped after about 10 seconds. He did it to my right (my problem ear) and it never beeped, even after 5 tries... he had no explanation. He gave me a sinus shot (said it was allergies) and told me to call him in a few days. I called back, letting him know that some of the pressure had receded and I felt slightly better (in other words, I was trying to tell him that I'm not ruling out sinuses as a symptom)and expected him to make another appointment. Maybe I miscommunicated, but he told me "your symptoms will be gone by Sunday, next year get a allergy shot so you don't have to come in here again".

Today (Sunday) my ear pressure/tunnel hearing is worse then ever...

Should I reschedule with this guy or try another ENT?
Am I just deaf and he didn't want to tell me?
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