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failed medical abortion baby still alive

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I really need a reply on this quick, I regretably had a medical abortion at 9 weeks it didnt work, the baby is still alive and kicking, i now want to keep this baby i do not want to have a surgical procedure (i am now 12 weeks) that will destroy me!
the gyn/abortion surgen i spoke to at the hospital for the follow up check up said it was up to me if i continue with the pregnancy chances are there will be no defects it is actually a lot lower risk to have deformities than they would have you believe and 9 weeks may have been too late, i need more opinions (drs) when i had the abortion i had no pain but 4 blood clots did come out, what was this? does the baby need whatever it was? will i produce more? after those clots the bleeding eased off and stopped after a day or too, like i say no pain, please can one of you give me some advice please urgently?
i just need more advice i feel i am bad for trying to abort this baby baffle

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First Helper UnknownABC

replied April 20th, 2011
Especially eHealthy
Cosmo, it depends what was used. Cytotec carries an estimated 8 to 10% risk of fused joints, growth retardation and/or a paralysis of one side of the face. RU-486 carries a much lower risk of birth defects. The combined use is the same risk as just the Cytotec risk.

The risks are often described as slightly increased over the normal risks (the opposite of the 8-10% is not 0% but something like 3 or 4% risk in a normal pregnancy). These birth defects are also not major birth defects.

Best of luck with your decision.
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replied April 21st, 2011
Hi thankyou for reply, they gave me mifepristone and misoprostol the first one i understand is the RU-486, its the second drug i am more worried about to be honest, although they inserted them into the vagina (sorry to be graphic) they use 4 but 3 of them fell out out and the nurse did not seem to think this was a problem for some reason.
I just hop the baby is ok

many thanks
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replied July 18th, 2011
failed piill abortion
hi im going through the same thing. i had the abortion pill at 8 weeks. after the first pill i wnt home and the next morning i had heavy bleeding but no pain. also whenever i went to the toilet a few blood clots came out, 1 of which i believe was the 'fetus' it was about the size of a kiwi and really hard. the other clots were smaller and looked like long strings. the day came i was supposed go back for the 2nd pills but couldnt get a chilminder for my son so rang them to see if i could take him or rearrange and they said i couldnt take him or rearrange so didnt end up going. was certain i had passed the fetus though so wasnt to bothered. kept doing preg tests every week and they were all positive, told doc he said thats normal for up to 6 wks after abortion, started put weight on just my belly so got really paranoid then, doctors just keep telling me to wait! mornin sickness and tiredness havent shifted and last week felt teeny kicks, thought i maybe imagining it until saturday i felt a proper kick and there was no mistaking it! still feeling kicks now and goin docs tomorrow to make them give me a scan. i will be 16wks gone on wednesday so dont think il be tryin have another abortion. i also dont know how im going to cope with another kid. i was on the pill but it failed me Sad
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replied September 28th, 2011
I'm currently 9 weeks and yesterday I took only the first pill. I've changed my mind and am hoping that my baby is still alive (being that i have yet to take the second set and am planning on not taking it)
When you took the first pill did you have any cramping or bleeding? i only started cramping today but still no bleeding.
Also, have you decided to keep the baby? and if so, is it doing fine?

please let me know...I could really use some advice and help from someone with experience right about now.
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replied October 15th, 2011
It is a really really bad idea to not take the second pill. The first pill blocks the uptake of progesterone. Without the progesterone, the embryo is cut off from food/oxygen and it is really dangerous to not take the second pills because the embryo is dead and if it is not expelled it can fester and rot and cause an infection that will make you infertile.
Your doctor should have told you that there's no going back once you take the first pill. I know it's hard, but you made the decision to do it and it won't be easy, but is it worth risking your fertility in the future?
The bleeding can take anywhere from a few hours to a week to start once you take the SECOND pill. It may take longer with the first pill because everything has to break down on it's own, that is why you take the second pill which starts contractions.
Don't skip the second pill, it's dangerous for you and if the embryo is alive there is a high chance of birth defects and it is most likely not alive and will cause major health problems for you.
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replied April 10th, 2013
Well, I just spoke to an RGN at my local hospital about this, and she said that there's very little research on what happens if you don't have the second lot of pills. You could miscarry anyway, or the pregnancy might continue. If it continues, it could be born ok or with defects. They don't know how likely any one of those is.

But they told me that mifipristone is to make it easier for the second load of pills to work: it softens the neck of the womb and opens the cervix so you're ready to pass it. It rarely kills the foetus apparenly - this happens when the placenta is torn away from the inside of you during passing the pregnancy.
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replied November 27th, 2015
Hello.. Please help me. I also have this problem. I drank medicine for abortion. Actually it is herbal that they said it can kill the baby inside the womb. I also let others massage my womb. I am regretful that I did this. I did this 2 or 3 weeks of my pregnancy. I went to a doctor recently and my baby has a heartbeat. Is my baby ok? Does he/she have defect? Thank you for your answer
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replied May 22nd, 2017
I know this is an old post but I had this same problem & I went to the internet to find out if it would be possible to keep the baby with no complications. I didn't see much that helped so I hope my own story can help someone in the same position. After I took the pills ( I believe it was cyotec) I started to bleed for one day. I never saw the pregnancy "pass." I told the clinic this & sure enough my baby was still inside of me, alive. I decided not to get the surgical abortion due to me having doubts taking the cyotec in the first place. The clinic strongly advised against this but I believed God was telling me that it was just meant for this baby to be born. So I went through with it, had a healthy pregnancy & baby boy born with no complications whatsoever. He was slightly small (6lbs 7oz) but that was all. That is just MY story, & I'm sharing so whoever reading this knows that yes it is POSSIBLE to give birth to a healthy baby after a failed medical abortion. My baby is now 4 months & super advanced lol. I hope this helps someone make their own decision.
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