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Electric shock sensations in face

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I've been searching neurological issues for the past couple days and this has confused me. Here's my situation:

I have been having an electric shock sensation on my jaw up by the ear for the past couple months. It would only last for a couple seconds-a minute and not very often, maybe once a week or less. I thought it because of my headphones and honestly haven't thought anything of it until 2 days ago. I had many "shocks" within the same day, my face felt numb and I could taste novicane in my mouth except, of course, I didn't have any. The left side of my face, where this was occurring became swollen. The shocks only lasted about 8 hours on and off, and after about 12 hours my face started to feel fine. Yesterday and today I feel fine until being awake for about 4 hours and then my face feels extremely sore, like I just got punched, with possible minor shocks but nothing enough for me to 2nd guess that those are just in my head.

I have a doctors appointment on Monday but just curious whether or not an attack has to land you in a hospital? What I found online was just "acute symptoms" which was not helpful.
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