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Does Kratom really work and is it addicitive?

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I have been using kratom for a month now for pain management. Does it work? Absolutely. It works for your pain, totally eliminates withdrawals as if you had taken morphine time released but faster. But, with any opiate replacement that actually works, there is the issue of dependance. Is it addictive? Yes. I take it daily 1 teaspoon 2x a day and just recently got an order late. As you would expect i went into withdrawal. But, DO NOT let this fact deter you from using kratom. If you can keep to no more than the amount i use, even you do run out it isn't as bad as percocet withdrawal or vicodin. I didn't get the shakes or nausea with it. For the most part it is mostly just weakness and your mind saying, "something is missing here". I have been buying an ounce of the powder and drinking it in powerade and i'll say the effetcs are worth the downsides. Nothing in pain management is perfect but since Kratom is completely natural and has multiple health benefits on top of the relief it is the closest i have found. I have been on opiates for most of my life since i was 19 and i'm 37 now. For me it has been an answer to my prayers. I tried cold turkey for over 4 months and i felt lousy the whole time. Kratom works for me if you have any questions, reply. I will be glad to answer. If you are considering kratom research the seller alot of kratom out there doesn't work especially the stuff that claims its 80x and so forth, plus that stuff can have drain cleaner in it and other chemicals.
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replied September 22nd, 2012
Bikhuk is a scam site. Customs has been seizing these orders and the vendors are well aware of this but do not inform the customers. And then they take zero responsibility and say "that's your problem with customs." Bikhuk is the company who stole my money and then ignored further inquiries. IF they were unaware of the issue I would agree, but they are well aware that numerous customers are getting ripped off and hide this fact. The contact person, Lucas, at Bikhuk is even quoted in an article discussing these seizures, but still no warning to customers anywhere on their website.

Ordering from sellers in the U.S. is still safe, for now. Sorry if this is in the wrong place-I was replying to the person who was recommending them.
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replied September 29th, 2012
I have heard of people having issues recently with customs. I do not know if it is with this vendor or different ones, but just wanted to throw this out there. I order from US companies and have not had an issue, yet...

By the way, YES Kratom works! 10 year opiate addict, clean for 5 months now with the help of Kratom!
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