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Difficult breathing and swallowing in 7 yr old

Hi everyone.
My son has been having difficult breathing. He is 7 years old. I have taken him to the emergency room, to the pediatric doctor and all of them say he has nothing to worry. I explain to the doctors that he is not eating anymore like before. He lost 4 pounds in two weeks since he started to have that difficulty breathing. When he drinks or eats, he keeps his food or water in his mouth much longer now than before, and he says he has difficulty in swallowing. He has no fever, nor diarrhea,no vomiting,but he says that he can't swallow. Before he goes to sleep, or even sometimes during the day after school, when he is home, he have difficulty breathing. Again the doctors say everything is fine. Is this stress? Anxiety? He is seven years old! I would really appreciate if anyone can give me an answer.
Thank you
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