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detox from crack

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can anyone offer me any advice on how to detox your body from crack.
and how long you have to stay away from this disgusting drug for the cravings to ease.
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replied May 22nd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
From what I have heard (correct me if I am wrong) first hand, is take 3-4 days off from daily living and wrap yourself in a blanket and face it head on. Not a nice ride, but at least you will be clean. I know it can be done. My son got clean like that after almost 3 years on that crap. Or you can go to detox, and get some help through it. I am not sure but, from what I have gathered, crack is not as bad as reqular cocaine use. Again, if I am wrong, please correct me.
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replied July 4th, 2011
Crack Cocaine Addiction
From what I understand crack leaves toxins in your body but this is not were the desires for using again come from. Crack is more addictive than cocaine because it delivers a stronger dosage of the drug faster to your brain. I would say that what is working for me is finding the right people to support me and give worthwhile answers and not just cliché that most addicts know all to well. Its about taking hold of the most powerful tool that we seemed to have lost in this fight, the power of your will, and one realistic step at a time, changing your environment, changing your lifestyle and facing your triggers and choosing life. I know what it feels like when the trap seems inescapable and the way forward seems hopeless. Choose to look at the things that make the glass half full, the blessings that we so easily take for granted, the life that is still available to anyone able to read this. Choose life
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replied October 2nd, 2013
Raw food diet
Raw food diet for 4 weeks Only and Only raw food with a lot of greens!
You will need a juicer!
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