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Thoughts on adderall/ritalin for depression?
qwertz1324  413 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 13:41pm
How do I stop myself from feeling restless?
mea4  829 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 03:29am
Losing weight due to depression !
angelinashes  593 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 03:22am
How can I change my boring life?
maefaith_00  531 views
Last post: 04-14-2014 03:02am
no one to count on
lala909562  566 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 22:54pm
I'm Depressed
The_Good_Lef...  1406 views
Last post: 04-10-2014 12:13pm
i feel empty, drained of motivation,enthusiasm, happiness
jch2719936  632 views
Last post: 04-06-2014 12:16pm
hurting when I'm alone
BtsFan  406 views
Last post: 04-04-2014 16:36pm
Am I Depressed? Quit drugs recently
Sooper88  2689 views
Last post: 04-03-2014 22:44pm
Sad and alone i feel like i can find no help.
Whydowelive  1110 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 21:20pm
Life I feel most of the time whats the point.
Bailey0505  560 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 22:48pm
What to do with an out of control brother?
Nu_viata  2427 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 12:25pm
Depressed I can't do anything right.
xWastex  8481 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 09:22am
On the comes home drunk yelling, tells me to go.
jessc020  649 views
Last post: 03-30-2014 21:37pm
Depressed, no self-esteem, suicidal, sexual abuse victim
permanentlynumb  478 views
Last post: 03-29-2014 05:10am
I want to go off of abilify?
Broncos28  449 views
Last post: 03-27-2014 07:54am
Depression leads to panic attacks
spykerom  430 views
Last post: 03-27-2014 00:42am
Extreme lack of energy and motivation; always exhausted
CherryTree91  677 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 15:51pm
Help both my girlfriend and myself through her depression
corgicuddler  467 views
Last post: 03-24-2014 20:01pm
What is it? anxiety or depression?
Steve74  419 views
Last post: 03-24-2014 17:12pm
Depression from abuse
Skittles94  575 views
Last post: 03-24-2014 05:29am
I mean im just in pain. Dying inside. Cant see my children
keneth555  458 views
Last post: 03-20-2014 17:39pm
Young, alone and depressed
Dancer1010  648 views
Last post: 03-19-2014 23:45pm
I'm 21, and Depressed
Mars123  1114 views
Last post: 03-19-2014 23:44pm
Do all depression meds work the same way?
ThomasG07  355 views
Last post: 03-19-2014 15:08pm
Promising Therapy For Tackling Depression
rogerw123  292 views
Last post: 03-19-2014 06:06am
Can't cope with fear of death
itsaproblem  559 views
Last post: 03-18-2014 23:09pm
downfall in my marks and concentration is lost
girlwithsecr...  358 views
Last post: 03-18-2014 07:23am
Living In Hell
buttons119  12109 views
Last post: 03-17-2014 06:53am
How best to help someone who's depressed and lying
dtc_33  419 views
Last post: 03-17-2014 00:05am
I feel so alone. Specially in school.
Herethere  6470 views
Last post: 03-15-2014 22:53pm
My life is over
janie2215  1766 views
Last post: 03-15-2014 18:40pm
Depressed and Lonely
Chefpbrian  508 views
Last post: 03-15-2014 18:20pm
I feel like there is no purpose in life for me...
Damnproxy  444 views
Last post: 03-13-2014 21:57pm
treating intractable depression with opiate/opioid meds?
Zoethedog  715 views
Last post: 03-13-2014 10:55am
Withdrawal symptoms from lonazep 0.5mg
sachin298  24537 views
Last post: 03-10-2014 02:05am
We're "on a break" due to my depression and I'm very c
jenpen13  382 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 15:18pm
No one understands me
Donnapurs  788 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 14:39pm
Need help... So this is my first step
justwantokno...  582 views
Last post: 03-09-2014 03:25am
Just lost my way...I used to feel loved
Valgard25  718 views
Last post: 03-08-2014 10:25am
need help hate my life No new posts
iwishtostayanon  18774 views
Last post: 03-08-2014 09:57am
Why is it OK for everyone else to express emotions but me?
spiritedgirl  468 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 23:49pm
I need a cure for the Invega so badly
mozox  551 views
Last post: 03-05-2014 01:47am
How do I go back to the person I was before?
user682407  452 views
Last post: 03-05-2014 01:09am
Feeling isolated and unwanted... my efforts get me no where.
companioncube  505 views
Last post: 03-02-2014 17:00pm
deppressed with life, Gf & world
lostlover101  420 views
Last post: 03-02-2014 04:04am
GF & I took break tonight, deppressed, not one person to tal
lostlover101  404 views
Last post: 03-02-2014 03:26am
Adderall And Depression
Concerned98  8172 views
Last post: 02-28-2014 12:31pm
Suffering with a variety of mental illnesses
animefreak123  729 views
Last post: 02-27-2014 20:51pm
Effexor - my legs arms and stomach twitch?
ciwi  1896 views
Last post: 02-25-2014 18:45pm
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