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depression i feel like i have no friends

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I feel really depressed i feel like i have no friends because they all live soo far away so i have no one to hangout with. Also i dont have a job too. on top of that another thing is i feel like im competing with my sister because my parents think so much of her because she has a good job and i feel like i dont exist. The only tihng good in my life is my girl friend and she lives in another country so never see her.

im male
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replied January 12th, 2012
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You have friends that live far away, a girl friend in another country yet you say you have no friends to hang out with. The fact is, from what you have said, is that you don't have such friends to hang out with so you are right.

I fail to see how you can have a girlfriend who lives in another country. You maybe used to have a girlfriend who lived near you but you don't any more. Distance will kill that tenuous relationship in quick time.

What you do about these issues is totally up to you. Make friends locally or don't. Move to where your girlfriend is or where your friends are.

Staying where you are and not meeting people is wasting your life and making you miserable. Why persist with that, it makes no sense.

Do remember though that any friend will come and go in your life. If you follow them they will likely move again, and again. You have to learn to accept change and adapt to it. Stay local and find friends where you are or give up. Your choice.
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