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did scaling of teeth but still bad breath. No new posts
DoctorQuestion  692 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 06:41am
substantive bleeding from my upper inner gum. No new posts
DoctorQuestion  624 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 06:29am
Is it safe to extract e very badly abcessed tooth? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  616 views
Last post: 08-08-2015 18:18pm
Plz help what is this
Verse33  35 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 22:17pm
Any idea about zoom teeth whitening system?
melix45  179 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 07:36am
Which one should I opt for teeth replacement?
freezzz  225 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 07:23am
is it really myth that root canal causes cancer?
SiddharthP  364 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 07:16am
Galvanic Shock No new posts
usmcss  27481 views
Last post: 08-24-2015 07:00am
Deviated Septum and Delaying Dental Care
aozgolo  120 views
Last post: 08-20-2015 06:40am
Dental implants philippines
Jtuk  102 views
Last post: 08-17-2015 14:13pm
Picking at
What3v3r  113 views
Last post: 08-14-2015 16:04pm
how does detist remove teeth rotted to /into gumline?
Mrge  378 views
Last post: 08-13-2015 06:30am
Full Mouth Extraction , Dentures No new posts
Heatherhassoul  54586 views
Last post: 08-12-2015 23:36pm
Can Nasal Mucus Be Secreted Within the Gums
docnik  11843 views
Last post: 08-11-2015 14:10pm
Picking Gums For the Pleasure No new posts
Marianne0558  62103 views
Last post: 08-10-2015 14:07pm
Does dental implant require any special care?
chercy5678  134 views
Last post: 08-04-2015 12:25pm
bone loss due to periodontitis, I have gums on the side
tlinh12  351 views
Last post: 07-30-2015 07:22am
Can a dental implant placed at the same day of teeth extraction?
melisz  123 views
Last post: 07-30-2015 02:23am
missing dimple after filling
cheerios624  4207 views
Last post: 07-28-2015 22:59pm
Tooth extraction- does it hurt?
rhuntzz  195 views
Last post: 07-28-2015 21:33pm
Bad Breath No new posts
smoothas  23673 views
Last post: 07-28-2015 03:25am
Cavities, 6 month appt my mouth was virtually spotless
KTLOU2000  334 views
Last post: 07-23-2015 21:22pm
Dental Implants Dubai
mondubai  480 views
Last post: 07-22-2015 20:44pm
Teeth Whitening Question No new posts
KellyM24  13454 views
Last post: 07-21-2015 08:44am
different approaches concerning my treatment, surgery
thevy  188 views
Last post: 07-18-2015 06:53am
strengthening brittle teeth
littleninja  35356 views
Last post: 07-17-2015 05:05am
Coated tongue Question?
fed_up_8889  229 views
Last post: 07-04-2015 09:18am
child has painful decay of teeth and fear, how to take him?
shenu123  327 views
Last post: 07-04-2015 04:54am
What are these white patches on my tongue?
GravyDavey  222 views
Last post: 07-03-2015 18:16pm
What are these white patches on my tongue?
GravyDavey  200 views
Last post: 07-03-2015 18:13pm
Tooth Abscess worse taking amoxicillin.
MandaChan  320 views
Last post: 07-03-2015 08:13am
the Best Sls-free Toothpaste? No new posts
ayrios  110427 views
Last post: 07-01-2015 20:24pm
Slit on Lower Gum with braces and gingivitis.
Antm  375 views
Last post: 06-30-2015 22:33pm
I have a cavity!
cantaloupe  233 views
Last post: 06-29-2015 14:31pm
Solution need for bad breath, extremely self conscious
Mike1012  265 views
Last post: 06-26-2015 14:47pm
Severe toothache with headache and sickness for years :(
Niccik  221 views
Last post: 06-26-2015 12:29pm
Another infection after root canal?
Fabs10  169 views
Last post: 06-23-2015 05:57am
Teeth whitening caused white spots No new posts
purpledishsoapy  87720 views
Last post: 06-19-2015 15:06pm
Peeling Gums
wintersgate  103945 views
Last post: 06-19-2015 12:51pm
Am I having an allergic reaction?
Deefredell  333 views
Last post: 06-19-2015 12:46pm
Flossig is important!
LiveForYourP...  1197 views
Last post: 06-11-2015 17:27pm
Wisdom teeth removal/complications?
wisdomispain006  258 views
Last post: 06-09-2015 01:00am
Piece of gums above one tooth was inflamed and fell off
bashfulbird  247 views
Last post: 06-05-2015 04:37am
tooth has no gums
tbluhp  229 views
Last post: 06-03-2015 22:41pm
Lost baby molar tooth at the age of 18, will a mature tooth grow
cccclau  228 views
Last post: 06-03-2015 08:56am
White stuff in hole of wisdom tooth extraction No new posts
brittni629  146973 views
Last post: 06-03-2015 02:13am
Strange Bubble/lump On Gums?
newcamera  94931 views
Last post: 06-01-2015 19:23pm
Fake teeth- smaller and very dark.
Luke212  214 views
Last post: 06-01-2015 17:29pm
Tongue looks and feels wrong...
LFmore  194 views
Last post: 05-28-2015 02:15am
were a wisdom tooth tryin to come thru is it infected...
catdowey  333 views
Last post: 05-25-2015 06:22am
Grinding teeth
Divamom2  347 views
Last post: 05-23-2015 07:53am
funny taste in mouth with new crown
LN  21715 views
Last post: 05-17-2015 17:43pm
Dental Health Is Becoming A Big Issue
heidi83  633 views
Last post: 05-13-2015 03:29am

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