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Constant dizziness and leg pain

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hello sir,

i am of 19 years.recently i had an electric shock in kitchen while cooking ,then next day i again got shock when i touched a button in lift,the following day my friend got shock when she touched me,not only that now a days i am feeling dizziness all the time since 2 months, and feel very severe pain in my both legs in the region of middle 1/3part of leg.there are no signs of redness or inflammation ,after a little walk only i am feeling severe tiredness in my legs ,hypoxia.cant breathe during sleeping.and severe back pain even in non-menses days in the region of lumbar part.frequent urination but low amounts.dark brown color faeces and constipation,i don't know whether all this symptoms are inter-related or different from each other .hope some one can help diagnosing my problem,many of know people says that its neurological disorder ,what do u say??
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replied February 22nd, 2010
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so sorry you have been shocked severely. severe shock can damage nerves, organs and muscles. its obvious you have experienced some damage. you need to see your primary physician asap to determine whats been damaged....pete
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