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Cold sensations in arm

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For the past few days I've been experiencing a cold sensation on my head (scalp, cheeks) and some times on one of my arms. It feels like light cold rain drops (like when it's about to start raining). They come and go.

I googled this sensation and came across others who experience this symptom and they all seem to be anxiety sufferers as well. Could this be caused by anxiety?

When I think about my anxiety or the cold sensations it can make the sensations occur more and my left arm feels as if I'm drunk some times.

I had a bad anxiety day last Wednesday, so I was thinking that maybe that is what is causing these new symptoms?

Any feedback is appreciated Smile
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First Helper meganm82

replied November 10th, 2008
left arm cold sensations...
MM, your heart is the nerve center of the whole body... you may think that your BRAIN is the nerve center of the whole body... but it's only the nerve center of the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Why am i telling you this... well... when you experience... stress.. your heart "ritmo," can become erratic. if its not erratic... it atleast becomes constricted due to tension. WHEN your heart has palpitations or emotional pressure... well.. all the nerves "ring" resonate with the same tension as the heart...


I googled heart attack... and i only saw people grabbing their heart... this is wrong... people grab their left arm... its the place with the pain finally echoes.

STOP BEING ANXIOUS!... you cant stop stress but you anxiety is a CHOICE...
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replied November 10th, 2008
Before identifying anxiety as the root cause of these symptoms, you should probably go and get them checked out by a neurologist. Once organic and functional causes have been eliminated as possible causes, your doctor can them help you with the anxiety. But I think that you should follow up with a specialist first.
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replied April 24th, 2009
I can relate
I have been feeling this way for 6 months
and been to two neurologists and done bunches of blood work to try to figure it all out. Had a brain MRI a NCS done and nothing has shown up abnormal....I also get weird sensations at times when I brush up against something. Anxiety makes it all worse however, I don't think that what is happening to me strictly anxiety....My middle finger goes wack and sometimes the back of my left leg too....nothing makes sense and I can't find anybody that can put there finger on it....
help this is really annoying
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replied December 12th, 2009
cold spot on right arm
I have had this all week in my RIGHT arm..feels like my sleeve is wet about 6 inches from elbow down. I have been extremely anxious since Monday because I went to neurologist with hubby and he is now being tested for alzheimers.
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