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Codiene cause gallbladder attack ?


had deaseased GB out in Jan have been having minor stomach probs since but not to major.............anyway i started to get sotmach pains after eating, stab pains in shoulders, sternum pain etc.this preogressivley got worse to it was relativley constant but managaebale.......eating helps for few minutes then pain again.........
anyway went to doctor who took blood tests and gave me codeine.........i went home took the codiene and had a major GB like attack but worse!!!!!!!! i was in agony went to eneregnency they did tests bloods etc couldnt find anything..........given dome anisthetic stuff and the pain subsided but still have pain on a dialy basis!!!!!!

after researhine found out about SOD and that blood tests are often normal type111 SOD...and that codiene and morphine based drugs can bring on attacks!!!!!! which cerntainly did for me

so what now?
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