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clear discharge ?

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ok so for the past few days ive been having this clear watery discharge. i was supposed to start my period yesterday and still nothing. im always very regular. i feel like im getting it bc im wet down there but when i go to the bathroom nothing just the clear discharge. my boobs are very sore and i stay hungry. also im staying tired and my back and stomach hurt sometimes. also ive had some slight heartburn and a little gassy. my husband and i havent used a condom in 3 years however we do use the pull-out method. i know there is a chance im pregnant but how big? i have never had this kind or much discharge before someone please help! do you think im pregnant? thanks
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replied January 17th, 2010
I have all the same symptoms as you. I would be 5 weeks this coming Tues but I took two HPT's in my 4th week and they both came up negative. I feel like I'm making all the symptoms up and I'm driving myself crazy. Will take another test near the end of week 5 if I have no period. I was on Prostap so think I'm due a period now but not sure. It's been 12 weeks since my last injection and Ive had no period since but I did have un-protected sex 3 weeks ago.
Anyone have any thoughts or going through the same?
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