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Chronic low grade fever.

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I'm a 20 year old female & I've been dealing with a chronic low grade fever for over a year now. It comes and goes, usually around 99.3-100, though in a great while it gets higher and I'm tired all the time.
Last year I was dealing with (what I though to be) sinusitis. I was having burning headaches, low grade fever, fatigue, congestion, weird smells, & pain behind my left eye. Blood tests showed my white blood cell count was elevated. I was referred to an ENT who did a CT scan (turned out normal) and looked up my nose into my sinuses and said that everything looked normal. I was then told to get my eyes looked at, that trip reveled a slightly elevated eye pressure and blind spots.
After a trip back to my nurse practitioner I was referred to a Neurologist. He told me he thought it was Paroxysmal Hemicrania and prescribed me with Indomethocin. That med helped for a little while but the the stabbing headaches came back so they upped my dose, which helped for about a week. I had a follow up with my NP who did more tests (west nile, lymphoma, lukemia, lupus, hiv, hep c, strep, among other infections I can't even remember.. way too many tests) but they all came back normal. She then referred me to a Cardiologist after discussion of a prior pin sided hole in my heart (from 2002), a GI (from history of IBS), as well as a Hematologist (after another blood test showed my white blood cell count had risen some more).
In between all these dr visits I had my teeth checked and had to get a cap redone because it was decaying inside.

I then went to Hematologist and Cardiologist, both ran tests, all came back normal. The GI said my stomach pain and tenderness was probably caused by the Indomethacin, which may have caused problems with my stomach acid and possibly an ulcer, for the headaches and suggested a lower dosage (which the Neurologist said was a bad idea).

My NP told me to call her with all info after I had seen all the specialists, she then suggested I see a Infectious Disease Specialist... I have yet to go because at this point I was just totally fed up with getting no answers, going from dr to dr, and feeling completely miserable all the time. So I stopped going back to the dr and stopped taking all my meds, in hopes that I would possibly feel better. ( I thought that I was just making things worse by loading up up on medication). After about a week of stopping my meds my stabbing headaches were a lot less. I'm assuming this is because I got my tooth fixed and stopped taking that Indomethacin (I'm pretty sure that just made my headaches worse). Other then that everything is pretty much still the same.
I'm having fevers almost every day, & after a few hours they break and I get really sweaty. I have occasional stabbing headaches (left side of forehead and behind my left eye. I still have the burning feeling in my forehead and nose when I breath, as well as BRIGHT GREEN BOOGERS! <<Which is weird to me, though I never have a runny nose. I have trouble breathing through my nose, it feels like it's closed up.

Just a little more history: When I was a lot younger (from about 4-12) I had high fevers all the time (no apparent cause). I did end up at the hospital because my parents couldnt get them to go down but never had a real answer for why they kept happening. I had kidney stones in 2002 which went away and again in 2009, had 2 shock wave treatments and they went away. I was then put on Hydrocloathiazide because my Calcium levels were too high, and last blood test (in April) showed they still were high and my vitamin D levels were low, so my NP told me to start taking vitamins for that. I have also been dealing with IBS for about 2 years.

Just looking for a little advice, or suggestions. ANYTHING really at this point.
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replied December 18th, 2011
my 8 years daughter had a history very similar to yours.
she had chronic fever since august 2010 and her white blood count and others were very high. gradually her hemoglobin level fell down to 4.0 for which she received blood transfusion but again after a month her hemoglobin fell back to 4.0. she was again transfused but all in vain. she was tested for each and everything. she was tested negative for TB, sickle cell anemia, thalsemia, gluten disease, and 100's of other diesaes
finally her bone marrow showed hemophagositosis (meaning her bone marrow was producing enough RBC's, WBC's ) but they would break somewhere due to some infections in her body.
we then went to a Hematologist who also cobnducted several medical tests and repeated bone marrow test.
she found that she had some form of Hemolytic anemia (HLA) but not excatly what?
she put my daughter on steroid and cyclosporin and after that her hemoglobin level raised to 10.0
she now ocasionaly have mild headaches and often vomits
her treatment is still going on lets hope for the best

i hope this may help u and please feel free to ask anything if u want,
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replied January 26th, 2012
Sounds an awful lot like babesiosis. Even if you don't recall being bit by a tick, a trip to a Lyme literate MD who can run a full battery of tests could shed some light. An infectious disease doc can also run the test, but the ID docs I have seen in the past aren't too knowledgable with tick vector diseases.

Best wishes tions/babesia.html mptoms_and_signs
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replied April 10th, 2012
Chronic Low Grade Fever
I agree with smgraff that you should see a Lyme literate MD and get fully tested. Have you ever been exposed to molds for a great length of time? You might also get tested for mycotoxins such as aspergillus. You may have a fungal infection in your sinuses.
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replied June 19th, 2012
low grade fever caused by inflammation from food sensitivities
I have also suffered a similar history and finally found that I am sensitive to gluten and dairy. I have stopped eating gluten and most dairy and now my temp stays in normal range. I am also seeing an acupuncturists and using some herbs that he recommends periodically. I have a fungal infection from all of the medications I have been on over the years but it is decreasing with major changes in my diet and the regular acupuncture visits.

The book that I have found most helpful is: The Body Ecology Diet.

This book has a lot of information which can be overwhelming but it is very encouraging too. Go at your own pace. Figuring out how to help yourself heal and finding the source of your issues is exhausting on top of being sick! I have been struggling for 15 years and this is the best resource I have found.
I will pray for peace in the process for you.
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replied September 6th, 2012
Did you ever get any answers?
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replied October 17th, 2012
low grade fever with fatigue indigestion acidity
I am 35 year old female having many different symptoms. I am having low grade fever which will be varying from 99 to 100 most of the times. It raises in evening times. Recently i was detected with TB in my lymph nodes. Now the swelling in my lymph has considerably less still the fever exists. Fever increases after exertions. I am tired all the time not in a position to do any hard work. I have a swelling in my arm pit but doc says it is harmless as it is just a extra tissue but this pains and become a nuisance which obstruct the movements. I am having PCOD both the sides because of which I have very less bleeding during menstruation and also pain which starts a week before menstruation and uncomfortablity during ovulation. I have severe indigestion prob. Acidity throughout the day esp in the morning times. I am allergic to most of the foods and cannot digest most of it. I get tired and suffer from stomach pain if I eat slighlt heavy foods. I always have lower left stomach ache which makes me crazy. I am really fedup of these problems. None of the doctors are able to recognise the prob. I am very allergic to alleopathic medicines and cannot in a position to digest them as I suffer from severe acidity and staomch pains even after a pain killer. If anyone can pl. help me, I will be really greatful
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replied July 22nd, 2014
Hi, I have been having the same symptoms as you! I am so sorry you have had to go through this! It has been 2 years for me. Did you ever find any answers?
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replied November 5th, 2013
Tired of no diagnoses
I have had low grade fevers for a year. I had an allergic reaction to Lamictal back in Nov last year and have never been the same since. I am nauseated , I vomit in my sleep, my joints hurt, my skin is often flushed, burning or itching. Unexplained rashes go away with prednisone. Skin on feet is hard and dry and I have to razor it off. I have sleep apnea, celiac disease and POTS. I get tons of skin and yeast infections. Been tested for W Nile, strep, Lyme, Mono, lupus. All tests normal except my last C-reactive protein. Nobody knows what is making me sick so I've given up. I'm tired of getting no answers and I've had enough
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replied November 18th, 2013
A year of fever following MESH hernia repair!
Good luck to all of you. I've been running a low grade fever for a year now after having hernia repair with mesh! Feeling fatigue is only the beginning... So many tests have come back negative. I'll check back here periodically to see if anyone has answers. This is seriously my last hope for answers..... Thanks, Nicole
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replied November 20th, 2013
My C Reactive Protein, elevated in August, has DOUBLED in three months. Maybe there ARE answers. Hang in there everyone
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replied December 30th, 2013
Mystery low-grade fever for over a year.
Meggin, and the rest of you. I wish you guys luck. I am a 25 yro feamale, and I've had a low fever for over a year or so. It breaks in the evening and I get particularly sweaty/clammy although I am almost always partially sweaty throughout the day and night. My body is wracked with chills most of the time and my appetite is random as hell. Over the past several months my knees have gotten progressively crunchy sounding and I have random severe joint pain, and sometimes lingering joint aches and what is best described as skin sensitivity (although this symptom occurs less often, usually only on bad days).
I'm not sure if its because of the fever but I've developed a high sensitivity to changes in temperature, which during times of increased symptoms, makes it next to impossible to sleep, bathe, or go outside. Nothing is comfortable. My bowl movements have not been healthy for a while now- too hard/too soft. I have had (for several years) an increase urge to urinate though I rarely feel like I totally get it all out. I've got a random, but daily experienced runny nose and during worse periods of my symptoms it seems a little harder to get a full and satisfying breath. I lost a ton of weight over the past year mysteriously (220lbs-150). I thought it was because of my recently acquired work (trail guide for horseback riders) but I'd been doing a similar amount of work for the same farm a whole year prior and maybe had lost 5-10lbs total. (it should be noted that this particular farm was not well cared for, had an over abundance of animals... the year my health took this strange turn was my second -and last- year working there- I Lived There!-- In a small haphazard apartment over a tack barn. I learned during this time that the water to the apartment had a significant amount of E-coli and a filter was never put on. Also- the tack barn bathroom -directly below mine- had backed up and erupted old and new septic nastiness everywhere... and black mold spread. They left it in ruin for almost that whole year, and even after the fix, mold was a significant problem. I've asked repeatedly if my symptoms had anything to do with these gnarly living conditions but was always told no...) I thought also the weight loss was due to a relationship change (I know mood can have a lot to do with it) but my eating habits didn't change in a way that would have promoted weight loss. Hell, I usually out-eat most people. Lately I have been trying to overeat just to maintain my current weight. I've lost a significant (to me) amount of muscle mass over the past 4-5 months which I would like to attribute to my acquired lethargy. I'm starting to loose my grip on dealing with feeling like hell constantly. I have been diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome but have not gotten a whole lot of answers toward that. I was put on medications that made me sick daily and did not help my PCOS (so I quit taking them pretty quickly). I do not have diabetes, and have been tested for many viral infections, bacterial infections, things like LUPUS and hiv. I have been tested for all forms of Hepetitus. Long story short I've gone through the same trial and error testing (even to the same extent) that Meggin has- to no avail. One symptom that I have shared with her is that around my 20th year I had a chronic sinus infection that shared all of the same traits as hers- although after almost a year it seemed to go away. No gall or kidney stones to speak of... no other normal answers to be found. I've had flair ups of my problems several times this past year that have left me inconsolable- and hospitalized until stable (usually most of a day/night). The doctors tell me my WBC count is noticeably high every time... but can't seem to locate any infection- and don't seem to be worried about my PCOS. I've NEVER had surgery. Never broken any bones despite my career choices. I've only had cavities filled and have had a healthy childhood. Like I said, I'm losing my grip. Yesterday I woke up so exhausted I was incoherent and felt suicidal (a rare thought on my part... I don't even condone it). I feel like ass today but am in much better spirits. I need answers. I have a great life, just bought my own farm, besides my health I am a very happy and well rounded individual. The only thing that has ever helped are high dose pain killers, and more recently I've opted to stay COMPLETELY away from them because they cause the same issues I'm already going through. The last thing I can note for your consideration is that during my stay in the nasty, haphazard apartment- I lived there with my current partner who's health was great before living there, and has diminished similarly to mine, since our stay there. Any suggestions? I can't move forward with my business, let alone my life, feeling this way.
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replied September 3rd, 2014
Hi meggin,
I am suffering this low grade fever for 4 years now. Doctors are clueless. this started when I was 24 years old..Nowadays everyda seems a burden for me..Pls let me know whether you got any answers..
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replied November 14th, 2014
Google search led me here.

My wife has had low-grade fever (99+) for more than three months already, and I'd appreciate your advice on it as well.

It started when she caught a kind of acute meningitis virus, which caused big headache, fever, and stiff neck pain for about two days. Then she recovered and all the above symptom disappeared. But her body temperature has been around 99+ in the afternoon hours, which is 1-2 degree higher than her normal temperature. In the morning, it seems better.

My wife has visited quite a few doctors (infection specialist, ear/lung specialist, neurologist etc.), and had test like blood and MRI , but none gave any definite answer, and her fever still persists right now.

Good luck, everybody!
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replied September 12th, 2015
Did you ever find an answer? I'm going thru the same thing with my wife right now.
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replied February 5th, 2015
Hi everyone, hope you are feeling better.

I am having mild fever on an off since three years. I got Typhoid 3 years ago and the fever just wasn't getting completely off. I took antibiotics for 6 weeks but it was still 0.5 to 1 F above normal alongwith fatigue. Ever since it comes, stays for about a week or two then goes away.

Now am having it since 6 weeks, so many tests, but doc is clueless. Also took homeopathic medicne which helped fatigue greatly but no permanent solution to fever.

It feel so frustrating. I want to go our and do so many activities, but feeling tired and feverish doesn't allow me. I barely complete my work.
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replied September 9th, 2015
Epstein-barr virus. Causes mono. I had a fever in the afternoon for a year in high school. Now I'm 43.. and it has come back.
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