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changes after losing your virginity?

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I'm 18 years old and I'll be turning 19 in less than two weeks. I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend on the 4th of June. My last period was the 24th of May and it usually will last anywhere from 4 to 6 days (6 being the norm) but sometimes it's lighter or it can be heavier, it's all over the place. I am still waiting for my period to come, I have not taken a pregnancy test. I want to, but I am afraidddd haha. There have been a couple changes in my life since then that I'm hoping will change my period cycle, resulting in me being late. I am going to summer school with a group of different girls. Before, in the regular school year (my semester ended the 6th of May) I would be with one group of girls all the time, I'd be in their house and so my friend and I would be on the same track for our periods. Well, 9th of May, I started summer school and I'm around a different group of girls and have been for all of June. I work with all boys except for one of the cooks that I'm close to. My mom just left for vacation on the 18th and my diet and sleep cycle has shot to crap. My boyfriend used a condom and he checked each one before he threw it out. We did it 4 times on the 4th and then once on the 13th. He's had sex before and checks it.. I'm not on the pill but I will more than likely get on it afterwards. I've been freaking OUT like no cycle is supposed to be every 28 days. Please let me know if your period was thrown off your first time and by how much. I've spent hours online trying to find answers. I'm a little frightened :/ Thank you!
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replied June 26th, 2011
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It does not sound like there is any chance you can be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and make sure.

You also need to learn to relax and not worry so much. Do something to relax you, yoga, exercise, walking reading or whatever. Stress is poison to your body and the enemy of regular cycles.

As you grow up, your cycle will also change as your fertility changes. So what was 28 days as a teen, might be different when you enter yout 20's which will be different in your 30's which will be different in your 40's and so forth. Women that have men ejaculating inside of them also have more regular periods. This is because of the male hormones in his semen. So once you have a regular long term partner, it may change again.
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replied July 1st, 2011
I remember my period got thrown off and i was not pregnant. we are still young and settling down are periods wil be different til we get a lil bit more older...
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