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Can't poop , bloated , & weight gain

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I have been to many doctors. We cannot afford insurance and they keep treating me and wanting money and it never helps. I need someone who cares. I have had gall bladder surgery 1yr ago. since surgery I cannot use the bathroom unless i take a laxative. I am always bloated and cant wear my clothes.I have gained 25 lbs. and run and exercise alot. I drink alot of water. I have alot alot of gas and feel horrible all the time. I have 3 children to tend to and do not feel like it. It keeps me from doint alot of activities because i feel so bad. The weight gain depresses me. I went to a weight doctor and he put me on a diet pill. I have taken it for 3 mths and no weight loss. He done some blood work on me to test my thyroid and it was fine. My blood work turned out perfect. Again a let down.He said he did not understand. He had never met anyone whom the pill had not helped. (Adipex) I know something is wrong, but cant find or afford to get someone to help me. I have read so much on line about digestive problems and cant find any answers that completely deal with what i am feeling. My whole body swells. I start swelling as soon as i eat. I start burping as soon as i eat. I have had alot of test run and I do not have acid reflux either. Please help me to have a life with my children. Thanks for your time and concern.
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replied August 5th, 2009
To the person with problems after gallbladder surgery
You may not be making enough stomach acid. A lot of burping from when you start to eat and being constipated all the time are signs of this. You might try taking some betaine hcl, alone or with pepsin, or glutamic acid with meals, available from health food shops, and see if it helps. There are other types of digestive enzymes, such as pancreatic or plant based ones, but the insufficient stomach acid sounds more likely. First you could try sipping juice of a fresh lemon in water, or some apple cider vinegar and honey in water with meals. Doctors are trained to think that everyone makes more than enough stomach acid and enzymes, but that is not true, especially as people age. Any nutritionist will tell you that. Also, more people with heartburn actually make too little stomach acid, not too much. This is written about in every nutrition book I own, of which there are quite a few. There is a test called a Heidelberg capsule test that you may be able to get through a nutritionist that is the most accurate test of this that I have ever heard of, but if you can't get the test, the suggestions I have made would be definitely worth a try. I would stop taking the diet pill. It can only do you harm. I knew someone on a diet pill that killed her suddenly, and she wasn't all that old. I wish you well. Cynthia
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