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can external hemorrhoids cause distension of anus upon defecatio

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Hello. I developed 2 huge external hemorrhoids during pregnancy and hard labor. Afterwards, they deflated quite a bit but the vein 'skin' seems still quite a bit stretched. My rear feels fine during the day mostly and nothing really pokes out except for the smaller, deflated external hemorrhoids, anal area feels pretty flat. Until I go to the bathroom. When having a bowel movement, even when not straining (I never strain anymore and use daily stool softener), when I go to wipe, it feels like the hemorrhoids have swollen up, almost as large as they were when they first formed. Then, after I shift around on the toilet while using the bidet and wiping, the area goes back down to being mostly flat. My question is, is it normal for external hemorrhoids to like fill up with blood and enlarge temporarily when having a bowel movement? And, if this is normal, does it ever stop, or will it happen for the rest of my life?
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