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calm this husky down!

ok i have a siberian husky 2 years old, i love her to death and give her attention and try to give her training sessions daily. but no matter what i try she is the wildest thing ever at times, does anyone know how i can calm her down when needed?
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replied September 2nd, 2009
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be firm dont back down you must show her you mean it. my mother in law does this with their pit and boy she listens she gets loud too lol, my father in law is so quiet he doesent get the same response so really show her you mean buisness. hope this helps a little.
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replied October 11th, 2009
Huskys are physically strong dogs who also have strong personalities. Your dog needs more exercise. A hearty, athletic dog such as this requires more physically challenging exercise than many breeds. Finding an activity that matches what your dog was bred to do is always the most helpful, and if you can find a small sled or a mule cart you could attach a light load to it for help. Another tip is the doggy backpack. You fill up the sides with water bottles or anything slightly weighted and the daily walks will have a dramatic effect. Doggy backpacks not only help eliminate extra energy, but they force the dog to focus more, aiding in mental exercise. Just do your research first so you can find that will fit correctly.
To train a husky, you need some skills. It's best to practice on a beginner dog, such as a lab or golden retriever, before you try working with a dog who's more willful. With all dogs, you have to have some sensitivity to their mistakes, but with the husky, you must be confident. It's the difference of asking them to do something and hoping they will and plainly telling them to do it and knowing they will. Be direct with your hand signals and speak loud and clear. Remain calm the whole time and hold yourself assertively.
There are other areas in your and your dogs life where you will also need to assert yourself. Meals are one; always eat first and serve him second. Another is property. Don't allow him to jump onto the couch or bed without and invitation. To teach this, ask him to come when he's up there and have him sit and stay while you sit where he was. Wait a few seconds, then pat the area and say "come". Praise and treat him and repeat as much as necessary. The last major rule is to never let him lead in walks. Continually turn around and retreat 10 feet back towards home each time he pulls. If you need further insurance, ask him to sit and stay before continuing.
With enough exercise, this breed will be more receptive to your lessons. If he isn't a little worn out after a walk, he needs more. Dogs should be walked for one hour every day. If you go the doggy backpack route, you can decrease this to 45 minutes.
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replied January 15th, 2010
husky help
drali0nag0g0 has a fantastic post and anyone getting or has recently adopted one should read as much about this breed as possible. I personally wanted to expand on something that I actually had trouble finding info on. When walking your husky go find yourself a nice pulling harness, I have a cross back full body harness that is very comfortable. The goal is to get your husky to pull something while walking. Please keep in mind that this may take some time because your husky probably hasn't just come from a race-training center and has probably never pulled anything before. Do NOT start with anything that makes noise, they will already be very nervous that something is following them closely. I started with a teddy bear that was also a backpack (empty at first).

The first time you have your husky pull something he/she will notice it and probably run in a sort of circle to get away from it. As soon as this happens, have them sit, calm them down, then bring the teaddy bear to them so they can smell it then give them a treat. Do this as many times as they need.

Once they are walking with it dragging behind them, keep their attention forward and praise them ALOT. They may walk with their head down a bit and tail down because they are still nervous. Stop and treat and praise them again. Keep the first few walks short and repeat once a day. Soon they will be comfortable enough with the dragging object, don't load it up with weight just yet. Run with it behind them for a while and teach them a stopping command. I personally find that a noise command like "WOAH!" works better then a word like "Stop".

After a while you can start adding more and more weight to the bag, then noise and slowly they may ever be able to pull you on skies or a bike.

Huskies LOVE to do jobs and things, they are ridiculously intelligent dogs which is why they get bored and misschevous. I have a neighbor that has her husky do her gardening with her by attaching a dog wagon and putting the rocks, plants and whatnot in the wagon and having the husky help. Be warned that it took a very long time to get that result and we often saw a line of plants down the road where the dog ran off with a full cart.

good luck with your husky, you're going to need it
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replied January 18th, 2010
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exercise, training, and you can pretend to cry also.
A friend of mine trained her dog this way. Dogs hate to upset us. You must be the alpha though it is a fine line to walk. You have to be firm in saying no yet soft enough to let them know something upsets you.
Huskies need a lot of exercise. Take him/her to a dog park or into the woods to run off energy. I had a dog that I always had to keep leashed because I never knew what universe he was going to run off to LOL.
He loved to run. In the forest he would run then come back to see what was taking me so long. A lot of good memories there. After the burst of energy, he would stay by me. (just not too close, had to experience the world lol) Remember your dog is a teen really being 2 years old.
You might want to ask a breeder of huskies for some tips as well.
Wishiing you luck keeping your feet on the ground with your Husky,
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