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burning sensation kidney area

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Dear Dr.s,

I am living in humid hot temp. area (middle east Dubai)
I am 33 and in good health

i used to drink 2 litres of water everyday.

after i drink the urine goes of really quick say (30 mins) very clear water. not yellowish

and then if i dont drink it becomes thick as if my body gets dehydrated.

i eat meat,and my diet is economical (noodle,rice,yogurt,sausage,pepsi.etc)

after i drink 3 glasses of water in the morning am alright. but if i dont drink for another few hours, i get burning sensation behind back.

my urine routine test are normal.(creatinine is 0.6 or 0.7 if my memory serves me right)

is there any disorder?
do you detect any problems with kidneys,
why my burning sensation goes of when i drink water and why the urine comes after a short time.

should i be drinking less amount of fluid than 3 glasses of water
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