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Burning Pee Hole! :( Even 30 min + after urinate

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2 weeks ago I had my period and it seemed like a normal period BUT when the bleeding stopped all my other Menstrual symptoms did not. (mainly cramping), especially in my right side. my pelvic bones feel like there burning pain and along with peeing constantly and when i did go sit down to pee like a couple drops just came out also VERY MILD discharge ( Not bad, it just not the normal "me") No Odor to the discharge or iching or burning in the vagina area, theres no pain when i have sex in the vagina canal area. JUST my bladder area and pelvic bones and pee hole. . I was concerned my boyfriend cheated on me. Today i could not take it no longer and i went to the E.R. this morning i was there for 5 hours . I told them everything that i felt they Did Blood work. Altrosound. Pelvic exam and a Urine test. NOTHING CAME UP!!! But a CYST on my right ovary and it is the size of a wallnut they said they dont want to do anything about just quite yet . but they said everything else is fine and theres no reason why i should be feeling the way i do. The clamidiya and ghonnarea test should come back in a day or two but the doctor said that i have no signs of them. . . im angry. I hurt. i try and do things like pee after sex, where cotton/clean underwear/ good hygine/ femme soap. . . . .but nothing . someone please say something or something to ease pain for now.. THANKS~! Sorry for it being so long..
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replied August 16th, 2012
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It sounds suspiciously like an UTI. Sometimes it can hide very well.

Drink enough water and cranberry juice to thin out your urine and get the pH more normal and relieve the burning symptoms. Your doctor is however the one that can treat it if it indeed that.

Spray yourself with a small water spray bottle after peeing to see if washing it off will stop the burning. Pat yourself dry afterwards.

Best of luck!
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replied December 2nd, 2012
Hi I just read your post, when did they find your cyst? Was it at the E.R. I myself go to the bathroom for number 1 constantly all day long, same thing has happened including discharge clear, STD's clear. No infections, etc. I use to feel burning, so bad that it felt I had a Jalapeno pepper in my personal areas, it felt horrible, the burning made me so uncomfortable. Now over time all I do is pee, pee, pee. The urologist use to put something in my rectum ask me to squeeze and other things, he said my bladder had to be retought to hold my pee. Anyway, Im still looking for help, have you had a C-sec, or any surgeries in your abdomen area. For me it was a C-sect. I feel this is a condition that needs to be studied, dont know if you have this same problem if you do your not alone.

see ya
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