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Bumps on arms

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Over the past few months I got a few bumps on my arms and I'm a little worried. They all started as little colorless bumps kind of like a tiny mosquito bite. A little itchy, and when scratched the skin kind of gets a darker color and scabs up. But the small scab will not really go away. On my left arm I have 2 bumps that "healed" to a point where its scarred and there is a dead skin over the area(slightly raised with a scarred look). On my right arm 2 bumps on my forearm did the same thing(1 slightly raised and the other flush with the skin), but the 2 I have on my upper right arm are discolored and slightly scabbed. Most of these marks are about 1/4 inch in size. My ex gf a few years ago was tested and she was Neg. I personally have never been tested. And have only had a handful of non protected(which I know doesnt really matter). Are these symptoms similar to an HIV infection?? Other than that I have not been sick, fever, headache, etc...
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replied February 13th, 2009
Re: Bumps on arms
anonworried wrote:
And have only had a handful of non protected(which I know doesnt really matter).

Unprotected sex even once matters.

If you are worried about HIV/AIDS, get tested. Don't go by your ex's results. Count three months from the moment of supposed infection and get a blood test. Go after another three months for another test as it takes since months to confirm the results.

Please make sure to see a doctor doctor and show him the bumps.

All the best

Muthoni (Mson)
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