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Bumps around buttocks and pubic area

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A couple months ago, I developed some bumps around my buttocks, not near my anus or my vagina. I assumed it was due to the lacy thong underwear I had been wearing regularly, but went to the doctor to be sure. I asked if it looked sexually transmitted and she said 'no' and prescribed a cream for me. Since then, the condition has not improved and may be spreading a bit. I also feel like a mild itch has developed. I have also now noticed some itchy bumps on my pubic area (I shave) which are skin coloured.

I went to another doctor today who says she thinks I have genital warts. I don't know how I could've contracted it and I'm wanting other people's opinions because I have scanned dozens of websites and my bumps do not at all look or feel like the ones described/shown on any HPV website.

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