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Bump on bum

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Is this lump right on your anal opening? What's the size of it? Does it feels small as a pea and solid on touch? What's its color? Do you find it more painful when you're passing stools? Have you noticed blood in your stool or on a toilet paper?
This lump could be a perianal haematoma, leak of blood just under the skin from the tiny blood vessels that can rupture when the anus stretches during the bowel movements. Haematomas, usually, do not need any treatment and in two weeks are getting painless and slowly start to shrink in size.
Do you have frequency of your bowel movements changed in time? Are you straining to move stool? Do you have chronic constipation or diarrhea?
You may have hemorrhoids( swollen or inflamed veins around the anus or inside the lower rectum.) Actually, you are probably having thrombosed external hemorrhoid that can be find as painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus that results when a blood clot forms. its symptoms, in most cases, will go away within a few days.
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Your reply as above is exatly my sysmptom. what is it? it's been for weeks now but still there. it bleeds when i stool, and the sort of constipation i have is terrible, very painfull, and every thing i eat seems to get stuck in my belly. also i am African so the lump is brighter than my skin colour, somwhat fair in complextion compared to my skin colour. HELPPPPPPPPPPPP! AGH!!!
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replied February 2nd, 2009
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You are suffering from constipation that leads to additional problems like straining when having a bowel movement resulting in perianal haematoma, and hemorrhoids.

It is important to visit your physician and to find the reason for being constipated.
Using some medications like narcotic pain medications, iron supplements, antidepressants, hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism, poor diet, laxative abuse, large intestine disease, central nervous diseases, or large intestine with nerves and muscles that aren't working properly are causes for constipation.

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replied July 12th, 2011
i had anal sex for the first time and the next day i noticed a round firm skin colored bump right outside my anus its not bleeding but it is tender to touch and makes it unconfortable for me to walk. what could this be?
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replied September 14th, 2011
I have been having a few problems with my stools for the past few weeks, finding blood several times on the tissue after wards, today i have found what seems to look like extra skin on a small part of the area to the outside of the opening to my anus, and it is of a normal colour so it doesn't sound like a perianal haematoma because it doesn't have this dis-coloration. I'm slightly worried because it wasn't there before yet too embarrassed to go to the doctors straight away
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replied September 19th, 2011
I've got a small bump on the right cheek of my bum, it's not coloured but it's sort of hard. I've had this for a few weeks.. I'm not constipated and I have no problems with my stools..
I'm not sure what it is and I'm starting to worry daily :/
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