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Brown discharge and blood clots in urine

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Brown discharge and blood clots in urine. I've been experiencing brown discharge for atleast 6 months now. There's no odor to it, I do not itch, burn, and I don't have any problem urinating.. The discharge in sort of sticky and thick, sometimes I have a little spotting (red blood) but not bad enough for a pad or tampon. This occurs all of the time, regardless of when I have my period. Today I had to take a urine test and I noticed large red blood clots in the cup. My urine changes in color a lot. Sometimes it's a dark yellow, sometimes it's brownish red. I do not drink a lot of fluid so it's never clear. It concerned me a little when it first started, but since I get urine tested frequently- I can see the changes in my urine and I'm getting concerned. I just started the depo shot last month (but like I said its been going on for much longer) my periods have never been normal or consistent, I am positive for hepatitis C and I do not eat or drink like I should. ( I eat something small once a day, or every other day. I drink a lot of coffee) I haven't been sexually active for months. I am embarrassed to go to my doctor about it, so if someone could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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replied January 26th, 2013
A diagnosis via internet isnt going to help you anyway because you already KNOW this is not normal and these are NOT the type of symptoms one should treat at home. I would see a doctor right away. I think you should get over embarrassment. People with issues walk into the doctors office everyday ! Good luck.
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