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my husband wants a threesome
laninainnocente  1199 views
Last post: 07-24-2012 01:59am
Is There a Dating Line For...
thriller81  1130 views
Last post: 07-24-2012 01:47am
very confused
DudeAtLimbo  523 views
Last post: 07-22-2012 21:26pm
When is enough, enough
nothingleft1...  711 views
Last post: 07-19-2012 21:48pm
my heart keeps telling me to not give up...
cps182  1691 views
Last post: 07-19-2012 15:13pm
I Fear This Heartbreak Will Never End....
EllieW  1894 views
Last post: 07-17-2012 07:34am
Break up advice, I don't even know what the problem is...
Bracoriah  918 views
Last post: 07-17-2012 00:32am
Having A Strong Connection With Someone I've just met
maximus9  2134 views
Last post: 07-15-2012 02:41am
loneliness- her parents would not allow love marriage
praveen01  738 views
Last post: 07-13-2012 17:00pm
Lost and Depressed: I thought there was a chance we could...
Mercury8263  870 views
Last post: 07-12-2012 14:15pm
Please Help I Feel Like Im Losing Him :(
Crazyness24  10737 views
Last post: 07-11-2012 22:06pm
I want u all to judge about this person's character....
sakuratchasi  461 views
Last post: 07-11-2012 13:21pm
someone please help me to get rid of this problem...
sakuratchasi  1010 views
Last post: 07-11-2012 13:18pm
Breakup but never dating
wvu267  444 views
Last post: 07-11-2012 09:48am
Can't get over a guy I dated for a really short time, why?
SummerSun  2527 views
Last post: 07-10-2012 06:42am
Why Won't He Leave Me Alone??????????????
sftbllchika06  10073 views
Last post: 07-07-2012 20:11pm
How Did You Know It Was Over?
jennys11  4735 views
Last post: 07-04-2012 19:45pm
i am so hurt,what should i do to kill the pain
baobei1986  903 views
Last post: 07-04-2012 03:16am
I still cry every single day over the guy I loved...
dont_know_wh...  1526 views
Last post: 07-03-2012 23:21pm
my bf cheated on me
urmi29  696 views
Last post: 07-02-2012 20:08pm
Is it possible to believe my wife when i have trouble trusting
heartbroken81  1372 views
Last post: 07-02-2012 12:39pm
Help getting ex back
dwood19  545 views
Last post: 07-01-2012 20:40pm
im in love with a married man
beara  1497 views
Last post: 06-30-2012 11:40am
It's been almost a year and I still think about him everyday
MissingYouU  903 views
Last post: 06-28-2012 10:14am
Almost a year and I still think about him everyday
MissingYouU  435 views
Last post: 06-28-2012 09:45am
I can't shake this Broken Heart, do I have an issue?
curious25  1000 views
Last post: 06-27-2012 21:31pm
domestic violence survior
beara  439 views
Last post: 06-27-2012 09:42am
He gave up on me
jujulixx  1254 views
Last post: 06-25-2012 13:28pm
broken hearted letting love go, will they come back
brokenhearte...  929 views
Last post: 06-24-2012 22:02pm
I'm so in love with my best friends cousin...
Jaggernut  2001 views
Last post: 06-24-2012 10:13am
heartbroken.- Not really a question but needed to talk.
max2001  731 views
Last post: 06-24-2012 00:54am
Questions for Break-Ups
dolmas  614 views
Last post: 06-23-2012 22:10pm
Addicted to Certain Kind of Sadness
castnoshadow  2721 views
Last post: 06-18-2012 15:12pm
18 years and dumped
eighteenyears  800 views
Last post: 06-16-2012 01:17am
She's everything to me but it can't happen
jeebz  651 views
Last post: 06-15-2012 12:12pm
So upset. Don't know what to do...
amandalynn1  593 views
Last post: 06-14-2012 19:08pm
Are some things better left unsaid?
MeghanLou  844 views
Last post: 06-12-2012 08:47am
I think I still love her.
YellowOrange  646 views
Last post: 06-11-2012 06:43am
How do I stop my depression?
HOPINGFORHAP...  765 views
Last post: 06-11-2012 04:37am
Broken up for 6 months - my ex still tells me he wants to marry
joanpaupau  2386 views
Last post: 06-10-2012 01:45am
I told a girl i like her, she says she dosnt want a bf right now
Ckhoury  3554 views
Last post: 06-06-2012 05:57am
Should I tell him how I've been or keep having these dreams?
guest89543  636 views
Last post: 06-05-2012 16:10pm
Fell in love with my "Friend with Benefits" and now he
jojo68  6255 views
Last post: 06-05-2012 11:29am
missed my chance at the love of my life, told her to late
trueoakland  2494 views
Last post: 06-03-2012 17:13pm
I'm married and crazy about this girl who keeps sucking me in
indianboy1  2025 views
Last post: 06-03-2012 15:47pm
Am I doing the right thing?
rynlostnotfound  487 views
Last post: 06-02-2012 04:18am
my boyfriend break up with me because he is getting married
neon82  1125 views
Last post: 06-02-2012 03:56am
Breaking up when you still care for one another
Clare80  1155 views
Last post: 06-01-2012 08:14am
8 years and he just walks away for a girl 10 years his junior!
Leseanna  730 views
Last post: 05-30-2012 19:53pm
Am I crazy? Is this false hope?
GutFeelingor...  839 views
Last post: 05-30-2012 15:51pm

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