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Broken Fibula,Tibia and ankle.. re hardware

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Dec 2012 I broke my fibula in 1 place, my tibia in 2 and shattered my ankle.
I have had 2 surgeries and currently have one 10inch plate, one 12 inch plate and 19 screws in my leg.
I realize I am only 9 months into recovery. My surgeon and pain management dr both have said the typical recovery is 18months to 2years or longer.
My question is this.. can the screws become infected or have issue at this point in recovery? While the majority of the pain is obviously deep bone pain, I have no feeling on half my leg and the other side the nerves go crazy and fire at random times.
However the last month I am feeling this weird pressure high up on the tibia plate where 4 screws are located. It is definitely warmer than the rest of the area and a small swollen area.
I still have major issues walking and stretching, but the last few weeks the largest area of discomfort (besides the ankle which is always there) is high up on the tibia where I mentioned.
I saw my surgeon two days ago and he said xrays did not show any issue with hardware and it is probably just my bone and muscle getting used to walking again.

I don't know, it just doesn't feel right.

Thank you for anyone with advice or a similar stituation
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