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Bleeding after nasal cauterization

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i would get nosebleeds anytime i had a sinus infection, or when i would cry, which was annoying. so, i had my left nostrel Cauterized about 5 days ago to treat a "blood vessel so big they could take my pulse with it". it hurt probably until the 4th day! (it hurt all the way down my jaw at first. haha) But i got that grey/black thing out the third morning because it was hanging out of my nose. but i ended up making my nose bleed like crazy by pulling the rest of it out...but it looked stupid to see this black thing sticking out of my nose...and i think i made it worse.

so ive had 6-8 nosebleeds a day for no reason since then, and im about ready to call the ENT to ask what to do. he told me there was a 40 percent chance i'd have to do it again. needless to say, im sorta upset.

my question is: Do i need to get this done again? or will the bleeding go away? Or has it only burned off half of the blood vessel, making it susceptable to being broken open? thats the only reason i could see it getting worse. (i have tried saline spray, and some old Nasanex i found in my drawer. and have been using these religiously)

-The Guessing Geyser (HAHA)
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replied August 24th, 2009
my son who is 7 has had his nose cauterized twice, the last time being less than 5 weeks ago and it still bleeds every day lasting more than half hour each time. chances are if it is bleeding now you will need it done again but in the meantime i would advise a nasal cream called naseptin
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replied August 26th, 2009
i just went back to the ENT, and he said "we are going to have to try something a little more invasive". they used electricity, and burned my flesh! the shot they gave to numb my nose, however, was some of the worst pain i have ever felt in my life. i cannot even explain how much that hurt. regardless, i have not had a nosebleed since! if it ever flairs up again, i will keep in mind the naseptin.
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